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Bacon Burgers:In the wild
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A news report about the endangered bacon burgers\\nI used creative commons/FMA to find all the... (more »)
Hula Hoop music video
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my music video\\nsub to me BorntoVS\\nsong is hula hoop by OMI (more »)
The MessageEditors' Choice
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Eeveryone else is taken
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So this week's video focuses on the importance of not comparing yourself to other people- you are... (more »)
The Unbeatable Breakdancer
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Hi! This is my unique funny dance video. It'll make everyone laugh so hard! (more »)
Blank Space (A Biology Parody)
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This is called "Enucleated Space", a parody of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space". The lyrics detail... (more »)
Photographic Memory
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Photography, writing and reading by me. (more »)
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Concert for 1,500 Kids!
This was an absolutely incredible experience I had with over 1,500 children aged 6-11! Wait until... (more »)
Why Haven't I Heard From You (Music Video)
This is a music video of Why Haven't I Heard From You by Reba McEntire that I made at Long Lake... (more »)
How To Get Lucky (Professionally)
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This is my performance to a crowd of 1400 people; I was the only spoken word poet to perform... (more »)
He Man Montage
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This is a video about love, life, and creativity! (more »)

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