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"They're All Crazy!"
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My four personalities! Side note: I have a bad habit of eating my props... (: (more »)
Suicide PSA
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This is a project I did for school about a year ago. (more »)
I Lived - Fandoms United
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This is a music video that I made with content from various fandoms. I made it specifically for a... (more »)
Eeveryone else is taken
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So this week's video focuses on the importance of not comparing yourself to other people- you are... (more »)
Manhattan Walks
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A poem dedicated to any woman that has been harassed. (more »)
Like, Share and Subscribe - A Poem
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We need to stop enforcing ridiculous stereotypes on women (and all people really). (more »)
Insomnia - A PoemEditors' Choice
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Insomnia - A Poem All photography, writing and reading done by me. (more »)
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Concert for 1,500 Kids!
This was an absolutely incredible experience I had with over 1,500 children aged 6-11! Wait until... (more »)
Courageous by Megan Nicole
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The first time I videoed myself. Sorry if it's not good enough. Please comment. This is a cover... (more »)
Shattered - A Short Film on Bullycide
About teen Emmy who is cyberbullied to suicide. Featured on News 12 Connecticut. Directed by... (more »)
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I'll Help You Through
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My original song about being yourself and being kind:) I own all the rights ~Brea F (more »)
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My Old Friends... The People I Call Family (My Old Friend-Tim McGraw)
By , Niger Falls, Canada
It is for meh family, my TI family whom has showed me great deals of kindness, and taught me to... (more »)
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Rachell talks about bullying in high school for The Restoration Project (more »)

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