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Ring Making from Quarter
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Short video/film on how a US Quarter is made into a ring. **Section 331 of Title 18 of the... (more »)
FMA AMV {Me Too} Teaser
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Made this a while back with a friend. We are still trying to finish the rest XD\\n\\nI don\\\'t... (more »)
Happier (Cover)
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Original Song by Ed Sheeran (more »)
Be You.
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Just be yourself. every one else is taken already. (more »)
The Perfect Day
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As a high schooler, many of us are too busy finishing homework or attending extracurricular... (more »)
We Don\'t Believe Whats On TV (Cover)
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Just a slowed down ukulele chill-out version of the original... Enjoy :) (more »)
I Am Limitless
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In a time where being Muslim, being Arab, are something controversial i wanted to make a video... (more »)
Native Americans
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This is a school project on raiseing awerness for Native Americans. Also an argument welther we... (more »)
Native American Injustices
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We need to give the Native Americans more land, so they can expand out and create their... (more »)
Respect for the Natives
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I created an informational video on the hardships of native Americans for our summit project... (more »)
Native Americans in poverty
By , new york, HI
This video is about Native Americans living in poverty and how we can help them get out of poverty. (more »)
use Photoshop to cut out a man
By , LA, CA
BGM: 幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 (more »)
use Premiere to cut anime op
By , LA, CA
BGM: triangle \\n原曲:幽霊楽団 ~ Phantom Ensemble(東方妖々夢)\\nsoftware:... (more »)
Do I Creep You Out
By , Myrtle Beach, SC
This was my final exam project for my Film and Media exam. There is one scene where I had to... (more »)

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