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November 22, 2017
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El Barco is a spanish mystery and science fiction TV series produced by Globomedia. The first episode premiered on January 17, 2011. The first season of El Barco has 13 episodes, 75-90 minutes each. 


There are 14 main characters in the first season. Ricardo Montero (the captain), Ainhoa and Valeria Montero (the captain's daughters), Ulises Garmendia, Piti, Burbuja, Vilma, De la Cuadra, Gamboa, Salome, Julia, Estela, Andres, and Ramiro.  

The season starts with the captain of the Estrella Polar (North Star) arriving with her two daughters to the boat, his wife has passes away and he's taking his daughters with him. The North Star starts sailing on what will be the biggest adventure of their life. The passengers are students between 20 nad 21 years old who want to learn more about the life in the ocean, the captain's daughter Ainhoa is one of the students. 


When a mysterious storm is formed in the middle of the night everything is about to change for everyone on the boat. Everyone discovers that the Earth they know it's gone and that 90% of the surface is water. The captain feels responsible for everyones life since the only way to survive is to stay in the boat even though some of the students don't believe what's happening. They face so many situations like giant fish, bird strikes, riots on board, volcanoes underwater, and poisonous mists. Ramiro discovers that 10% of the surface is still land and it's near Argentina in South America, they decide to go in search of this island, the only problem is that they don't know how long it's going to take. 


When Ainhoa & Ulises meet they have a love-hate relationship. But later Ainhoa decides to date Gamboa who is 20 years older than her. Gamboa is a weird men and kills one of the students by throwing him into the ocean. Ulises dates Julia, the doctor and biologist who thinks it's her fault most od the land on Earth dissapears. When finally Ainhoa and Ulises decide to be together, Gamboa threatens Ainhoa by telling her he will kill her father and her little sister so she ends the relationship with Ulises. 


In the season finale, the members of the North Star receive a message and find out the message is from outer space where astronauts aboard a space station and ask for help because they will die in 4 hours. 


I think that El Barco is an amazing TV show and I really recommend it. I've never watched a show like this one and it's really good. 

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