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UMass Amherst Summer College

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A Pre-college summer camp for qualified high school teens. Two week or six week course intensives and research opportunities, the end of June through early August. Read More!

Information about UMass Amherst Summer College

UMass Amherst Summer College Residential Programs for high school teens offer two- or six-week residential academic summer camps from many majors across the nine schools and colleges that make up UMass Amherst.

Summer College provides achievement-oriented high school students an opportunity to explore areas of interest in depth and in a community of like-minded teenagers, teachers and scholars. Students learn what life is like in a university environment and develop strategies and skills that will help them get the most out of college.

Summer College students enroll in one or more of our intensive and rigorous programs and enjoy the opportunity to work closely with some of UMass’s outstanding teachers and researchers. All Summer College camps offer the opportunity to earn college credits. Credits will be recorded on an official UMass transcript, and can be applied toward an undergraduate degree at UMass or transferred to another school. (Note: The ability to transfer credits to other institutions of higher learning varies according to the rules of accepting institutions.)

Summer College students live in a residence hall on campus and enjoy a wide range of fun activities. Summer College staff will be available 24/7 to support Summer College students tackle classes, juggle free time and coursework, negotiate life with a roommate, and practice living on their own.

 • To be eligible for Summer College, students must have completed their sophomore, junior, or senior year of high school by June 2013. (Check individual programs for specific eligibility requirements.)

 • Limited scholarship funds are available for some programs. Please review the information on your program of choice to determine whether or not scholarship funds are available and the process for applying.

Q & A with UMass Amherst Summer College


Q: What makes your camp or program unique?

A: Class sizes are limited and offer opportunities for the exchange of ideas and the development of new knowledge and skills. Students frequently work in small teams with the guidance and support of the faculty and a graduate teaching assistant. Students also have opportunities to develop their own projects in small groups or individually, using the outstanding resources available at UMass Amherst. Specialized shops or labs may have additional lab or studio staff resources. Students have access to some of the newest and best equipped laboratories, studios and interactive classrooms. And all programs in specialized facilities begin with an orientation and review of safety procedures. In addition to the regular daily class schedule there are related field trips across campus and throughout the area. Students might visit the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, the Basketball Hall of Fame, or Travelers IH Laboratory in Springfield as part of a course.

Q: Describe a typical day in your camp or program.

A: A typical class day might begin with an introductory presentation and an interactive discussion of a topic or experiment. Hands-on work in specialized labs or facilities will continue throughout the morning. After lunch students might attend a special guest lecture or visit research activities on campus followed by time for small group work on special projects. Students choose how to spend their evenings. They might go to readings or presentations, complete classwork and presentations, or engage in social and leisure activities with the residence hall staff and their peers. Other options during the evenings and weekends might include gallery openings, movies, or visits to Amherst, the best college town in America. Students are required to be in their residence hall by 11 pm on weeknights and midnight on Friday and Saturday nights.

Q: What type of teenager participates in your camp or program?

A: UMass Amherst Summer College programs are for achievement oriented high-school rising juniors and seniors interested in exploring their passions and interests with other motivated students, teachers, and scholars.

Q: Where do your participants come from?

A: UMass Amherst Summer College students come from across the United States and around the globe. Students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and bring their own unique strengths and abilities to the programs.

Q; What is the housing like and what can you tell us about the meals?

A: UMass Amherst Summer College students stay in student residence halls and eat in the dining commons run by UMass Amherst’s award-winning Dining Services.

Q: What do teens have to say about the UMass Amherst Summer College programs?

A: “I’m surprised I learned so much in such a short period of time. It’s definitely an amazing experience.”

“I figured that it would be a great experience and …it has been absolutely life-changing.”

“This is actually the real thing where you have real people researching real topics…”

“It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve met a lot of great people and it’s been a blast.”

“It can give you experience that a high school just could never ever give you and I think it gives you almost a head start into the scientific field…”

“We all came in not knowing what to expect and we’re all leaving with something new. That sense of community is fantastic to have.”

“It gives you more experience so when you go into college you’re not surprised and you’re not too scared of what college life is going to be like.”

Q: Any other information you think teens should know about your program?

A: The programs offered for UMass Amherst Summer College 2013 are:

• The Arsenic Project

• Astronomy

• College Prep Workshops

• Digital Media in the Visual Arts

• Academic Foundations for Non-native English Speakers

• Equine Management

• Food Sciences

• Forensic Chemistry

• Geosciences

• Kinesiology

• Leadership and Sustainability

• Research Intensives

• Sport Management

• Summer Design Academy

• Summer Engineering Institute

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