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Travel for Teens offers community service, language immersion, photography, and cultural immersion trips to Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, and Australia for students 13 to 18 years old. Read More!

Information about Travel for Teens

Travel for Teens believes that teen travel should be both fun and enriching. Our summer programs feature choice in what you do, see, and experience, a dynamic that sets us apart from superficial tours that herd large groups from one site to another.

Travel for Teens has grown exponentially over the years, from one trip to Paris in 2003 to over 50 programs covering more than 35 countries on 4 continents today. In Europe, Southern Africa, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, and the US, we visit the best of the mainstream attractions while offering the opportunity to explore the culture from a less "touristy" perspective. We interact with our host cultures, taking cooking and dance lessons, performing valuable service work to help local communities, and conversing with the people who have spent their lives living in the places we journey to.

We have crafted our unique programs to engender love for travel, hunger for learning, curiosity about differences, appreciation of similarities across cultures, and an understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. We look forward to traveling with you!

Q & A with Travel for Teens

Q: What makes your camp or program unique?

A: Our teens are "Travelers NOT Tourists."  This means our teens eat, sleep, and visit locations not just on the main path but those known only to locals.  We offer exclusive access whether in our community service trips to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a behind the scenes fashion tour in Paris, professional photography lessons in Italy, or in professional kitchens throughout Europe.  

Q: Describe a typical day in your camp or program.

A: Our teens are busy!  You didn't travel half-way across the world to miss a minute.  We balance our day with mainstream attractions and secrets known only to locals.  To keep everyone happy, we offer choices throughout the day.  Teens choose their activities making the trip exactly what they want.

Q: What type of teenager participates in your camp or program?

A: Teens looking for fun, exploration, and growth travel with Travel for Teens.  We look for teens that want more from travel than a once over a tourist sites.  We invite teens looking for in-depth experiences to broaden their horizons.

Q: Where do your participants come from?

A: Our participants come from around the US and around the globe.  75% of our teens travel without knowing anyone before the trip.  As such, everyone is there to make friend.  About 10% of our students come from international destinations adding to the experience of global citizenship.

Q: What is the housing like and what can you tell us about the meals?

A: We stay in a combination of high-end teen hostels and hotels in the center of each city we visit.   All locations are centrally located and are vetted by Travel for Teens staff members before students arrive.  

All of our trips include 3 meals a day.  Breakfast is local fare.  Lunch is a solid meal eaten quickly.  Lunch is often a picnic or a sandwich from a local cafe.  Dinner is a sit-down meal where students always have choices.  Due to allowing our students choice in food, we are able to accommodate special diets and food allergies.

Q: Please describe what teens have to say about your program.

A: Teens leave our program ready for further travel thinking of themselves as global citizens.  Here's what some of our past travelers have to say.

"Travel for Teens is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have been traveling with them every summer since 2009 and every year is better than the last." -Kyle

 "Travel for Teens changed my life, I came back that first summer a different person. I was more confident in my myself and I valued what I had so much more than I did prior to the trip." -Mason

"The people whom I met on each trip were amazing, the places I saw were breathtaking, and the cultures in which I immersed myself were fascinating. I learned on each trip how the people of the native countries ate, breathed, and lived. I have learned more about myself and my culture as well as developed tolerance for others through exposure to foreign cultures. Travel for Teens has done all of this for me and more." -Jacob

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