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Pratt Summer

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Ages: 15-18

Gender: Co-Ed

Type: Other

Physical & Mailing Address:
Pratt Institute- Main, 200,Willoughby Ave
Brooklyn, NY USA 11205-3899

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Study the fine arts, architecture, creative writing and more at this prestigious institute's summer camps for teens. Read More!

About Pratt Summer

Jump start your career in Art, Design, Architecture, or Creative Writing! Take introductory courses and earn college elective credits!

Why Should You Attend?

  • To explore the possibility of studying art, design, architecture, creative writing, or critical & visual studies.
  • To confirm that this is the subject you want to study in college.
  • To develop your skills through college-level coursework, using a variety of tools, materials, and techniques.
  • To develop a body of work for your portfolio for admission to college.
  • To meet other students who share your interests.
  • To get a preview of the college experience

High school teenagers have an invaluable opportunity to sharpen their portfolios, get a taste of college life, and earn 4 college credits.

Pratt sponsors a college-level summer camp for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors at its Brooklyn and Manhattan campuses. It is an intensive immersion experience; approximately 400 high school students, ages 16 - 18, seize the opportunity to experience college-level study in Pratt Institute’s PreCollege program. Students are immersed in a program of art, design, architecture, or creative writing, modeled after Pratt’s undergraduate offerings. Upon completion of the program, students earn 4 elective college credits. The summer PreCollege program consists of 4 classes, as well as lectures and cultural and social events. Students pick one of the credit-bearing electives offered and are automatically enrolled in a Foundation class (also credit-bearing), an Art History /Appreciation class, and a Portfolio Development class, (both are non-credit, pass/fail courses) to complement their chosen elective.


  • High school students who are at least sixteen years old, and have completed their sophomore year, as well as graduating seniors (minimum age: 16 years by July 1, 2013; maximum age: 18 years. No exceptions.)
  • Self-motivated and responsible students willing to immerse themselves in college-level study with other students who have similar interests
  • All levels of experience welcome


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Anita This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 9, 2011 at 12:03 am
a great experience: I learned a tremendous amount about writing, while at the same time having an incredible blast. i totally recomend this program!!!

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