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Michigan Engineering

Categories: Arts / Photography / Film, Sports / Boating / Riding, Technology / Computers

Ages: 11-17

Gender: Co-Ed

Type: Overnight/Residential

Physical & Mailing Address:
Center for Engineering Diversity and Outreach, 1221 Beal Ave, 1108 LEC, University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI USA 48109

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About Michigan Engineering

SCEEP (Summer College Engineering Exposure Program)
Current 11th graders

The SCEEP summer camp is designed to familiarize students with various engineering disciplines offered at UM and to acquaint them with the university campus, support services, and other resources.  The program is conducted in multiple sessions through June and August.  Thirty teens are invited to take part in each session offered and those participants attend four classes, (Technical Communications, Engineering Concepts, Engineering Math, and Professional Development) which are designed to develop their understanding of engineering, its disciplines and the process to follow when applying for Engineering School.  The students work on a team multidisciplinary engineering design project and their college portfolio within those classes, however, their experience is enhanced by guided tours of the engineering departments and facilities alongside presentations given by university departments on the admissions process and how to finance their education and fireside chats given by College of Engineering Alumni, Faculty and students.  Some of the participants are given the opportunity to take part in an ACT Prep course.

MITE (Michigan Introduction to Technology & Engineering)
Current 9th and 10th graders

The MITE summer camp is designed to excite, engage, educate and empower the participants with an integrated curriculum that centers on an engineering based project.  The program takes place in July and has approximately forty student participants.  The students attended four key academic support classes: Technical Communications, Engineering Math, Professional Development, and Engineering Concepts, which are designed to support the project on which the students are focused while working in partnership with their in-school experience of those subject areas.  These teens also participate in workshops on entrepreneurship, cultural engagement, preparing for college alongside activities outside of the classroom, including guided tours of the college and university facilities and outdoor recreation activities.

SEP ( Summer Enrichment Program)
Current 7th and 8th graders

SEP is a two week commuter summer camp designed to take middle school concepts delivered in Science, Math and English classes in school and develop them in the minds of the students, so that they begin to identify the connections between their class curricula and the real world, its technology and its engineering.  There will be 2 sessions of SEP; one at the Ford Resource and Engagement Center (FREC)  and  the other at Grand Rapids Community College. Centered on the theory of photosynthesis, respiration, energy capture, storage and transfer, the students will be taken through a curriculum that starts on day one with identifying and understanding the structure of plants and finishes with researching the cutting edge technology currently being developed that both mimics and utilizes photosynthesis in alternative energy capture, storage and transfer.  The program will include a visit to an engineering campus for workshops by the college’s students, staff and faculty that focuses on what engineers do.


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