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Language Programs

Our list of summer camps and programs focusing on language has something for every teenager. Interested in practicing your language in another country, meeting students from around the world, or visiting new areas of the United States? Be sure to browse the collection of camps for that perfect location. Subjects covered include gaining leadership skills, applying language to performing arts, writing, marine science, and much more. There are even programs specifically for girls. Browse our list of summer camps for your perfect camp, and be sure to check out the many scholarship opportunities offered by the programs.

Walnut Hill School for the Arts Summer Programs(opens in a new window)

Summer camp opportunities in theater, creative writing and visual art for teens ages 13-18. Come immerse yourself in poetry, fiction, playwriting, acting, dance, and musical theater right outside Boston!

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Northwestern University College Prep Program(opens in a new window)

Teens, experience college life, pursue new academic challenges and earn college credit at our summer camps. Take a two-week seminar or choose from a variety of three- to eight-week courses.

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Summer Discovery & Discovery Internships(opens in a new window)

Welcome to Summer Discovery Pre-College Programs, the world's finest and most popular teen summer high school enrichment programs, internships, and middle-school summer camps.

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Churchill Academy - Westminster(opens in a new window)

Take this opportunity to really experience college life and enhance your leadership skills at Churchill Academy's summer program.

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JSA Summer School(opens in a new window)

Held at Georgetown, Stanford and Princeton, the JSA Summer School provides teens with an advanced college curriculum, skills-based leadership activities, and interactive sessions with prominent politicians and other leaders.

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George Washington Univ. Pre-College Program(opens in a new window)

Discover GW and DC! Two residential summer programs enable teens to explore their academic interests and college life: a 6-week for-credit program for 11th graders or 10-day mini courses for grades 9-11.

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Global Leadership Adventures(opens in a new window)

GLA offers volunteer travel summer programs for teens in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Participants explore historic and natural sites, learn the local language and history, and serve the community through volunteer efforts.

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UMass Amherst Summer College(opens in a new window)

A Pre-college summer camp for qualified high school teens. Two week or six week course intensives and research opportunities, the end of June through early August.

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Buck's Rock Performing and Creative Arts Camp(opens in a new window)

Campers (ages 9-16) freely explore the performing and creative arts in a supportive, non-competitive summer camp environment with professional artists and instructors.

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Northeastern University Summer Programs(opens in a new window)

Northeastern’s Summer Programs for teens include credit and noncredit summer camp options designed to prepare rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors for the academic, social, and campus experiences of college.

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Community Service Worldwide: VISIONS Service Adventures(opens in a new window)

Since 1989, VISIONS has set the standard for community service summer programs for teens. Build schools and homes, help children and elders. Live with other teens in a neighborhood of our host community; be more than a tourist.

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Portsmouth Abbey(opens in a new window)

Teens learn in a friendly and structured summer camp and strengthen their academic position while also taking enrichment courses.

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LITA(opens in a new window)

LITA is a unique language immersion summer program for teens that offers a personal and small group approach to exploring Spain. LITA programs focus around a homestay and explorations off the beaten path.

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Global Scholar Summer in International Affairs(opens in a new window)

Ahead of the Curve is a new two-week seminar-style summer program on globalization at Michigan State University. The seminar is designed for talented high school students who have an interest in international affairs.

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Tufts Summer Study(opens in a new window)

An opportunity for teens to assess their talents, interests, and values. Your summer camp experience will help you clarify your options as you prepare for the college application process.

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Yale Summer(opens in a new window)

Our academic summer camp program seeks exceptionally promising teen students of all backgrounds and educates them to develop their intellectual, moral, civic and creative capacities to the fullest.

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Great Summers(opens in a new window)

Experience the summer of a lifetime! Free info. and expert guidance on 800+ outstanding summer programs for high schoolers, from pre-college, academic, teen tour, and language, to community service and travel.

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University of Chicago Summer(opens in a new window)

This college-preparatory summer camp engages teens in the most rigorous and rewarding study of their lives.

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Beloit Summer Language(opens in a new window)

If you’re serious about learning a language, come to one of the nation’s finest language summer programs, the Center for Language Studies (CLS) at beautiful Beloit College in Wisconsin.

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AIDemocracy Global Scholar(opens in a new window)

An intensive academic enrichment summer camp offering rising juniors and seniors college-level coursework in international affairs and leadership training in Washington DC.

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UVM/GIV Engineering Institute(opens in a new window)

Start solving the world’s sustainability issues at summer camp! Teens empower themselves with knowledge through fun hands-on engineering projects and tours.

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Julian Krinsky Pre-College Enrichment(opens in a new window)

JKCP offers an innovative lineup of summer camps that include instruction by professionals in tennis, business leadership, science, computers, fitness, cooking, the performing arts, engineering and more.

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YUGA Leadership Camp(opens in a new window)

Attend YUGA Leadership Camp and meet teens from across the country and around the world who are interested in global issues such as poverty, HIV and AIDS, climate change and child exploitation.

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Between the Lines(opens in a new window)

An exciting two-week creative writing and cultural exchange summer program for teens. Improve your writing, make international friends, live in university dorms, and have fun in the UNESCO city of literature, Iowa City.

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Abroad Programs by SPI(opens in a new window)

High school study abroad programs for college credit in Spain, France, Italy, Costa Rica and China. Earn college credit and have the summer of your life with an SPI summer program!

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Phillips Academy Summer Session, Andover(opens in a new window)

Phillips Academy Summer is the premier summer academic enrichment camp for high school teens, offering over 60 courses within a diverse, rigorous, and supportive day or residential environment.

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Travel for Teens(opens in a new window)

Travel for Teens offers community service, language immersion, photography, and cultural immersion trips to Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, and Australia for students 13 to 18 years old.

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Hawaii Wilderness Adventure School(opens in a new window)

Ready for travel and adventure? At a summer camp with a focus on education, culture, service and leadership, teens earn high school credit while enjoying the best of Hawaii’s outdoors.

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Global Works Travel(opens in a new window)

Global Works’ summer programs for teens encompass service projects, outdoor adventures, cultural exchanges and language immersion in Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the South Pacific.

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Earlham Explore-A-College(opens in a new window)

A college-level summer program for high-schoolers. Take a class from an Earlham professor and earn 2 college credits. Classes in Sciences, Languages, Humanities, Art and Outdoor Education

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Georgetown University: Summer Programs for High School Students(opens in a new window)

Explore an array of exciting subjects for high school teens at Georgetown University this summer. Space is limited; apply today to secure your spot in our summer program.

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Whale Camp at the Fundy Marine Science Institute(opens in a new window)

Teens can directly observe and research whales, dolphins, porpoise, puffins, seals in their natural habitat. College credit for writing and art summer camps. Based on beautiful Grand Manan Island between Maine & Nova Scotia.

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Lifeworks International(opens in a new window)

Incredible community service adventure travel programs in the British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, China, Thailand, India, Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos. Teens actively participate in promoting positive change.

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Middlebury Monterey Language Academy(opens in a new window)

Dramatically improve your language learning this summer in the U.S. or Abroad with the Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy summer camps. Teens entering 8th-12th grades are fully immersed in their chosen language and see improved learning in just four weeks.

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Emma Willard's Spanish Immersion(opens in a new window)

Immerse yourself in Spanish culture and language this summer at Emma Willard School! Our boarding and learning summer program designed for teen girls entering grades 7-11 helps improve Spanish language skills.

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World Horizons International(opens in a new window)

Summer travel for teens includes community service, language and cultural immersion. Project locations: Iceland, Fiji, Costa Rica, Canada, Dominica, Maine, Utah, Hawaii.

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