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Kutsher's Sports Academy

Categories: Outdoor / Adventure, Sports / Boating / Riding

Ages: 7-17

Gender: Co-Ed

Type: Overnight/Residential

Physical & Mailing Address:
25 Deerwood Cir
Great Barrington, MA USA 01230

More Information:
(413) 644-0077
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An institution in sports camping since 1968, Kutsher’s Sports Academy offers the best of both worlds in camping! Learn, play and improve in the sports you love, in a fun, caring, traditional camp environment Read More!

About Kutsher's Sports Academy

An institution in sports camping since 1968, Kutsher’s Sports Academy prides itself on offering the best of both worlds when it comes to camp! KSA offers children ages 7-17 the opportunity to learn, play and improve in the sports they love, as well as enjoy the best summer of their lives in a fun, caring, traditional camp environment. In integrating specialty training with a traditional camp feel, KSA makes sure that one aspect does not detract from the other, something which is unique in the world of camping.


All of our programs are directed by trained coaches (from the professional, college, and high school levels), as well as current and former professional athletes. Our program is formatted to ensure that skill improvement takes place in an environment that also stresses having fun. We are determined to provide our campers with the opportunity to participate, play, and receive excellent instruction in the activities of their own choosing. This important blend of learning and fun has always been the foundation of our program.

With a 2 to 1 ratio of campers to staff, we are able to offer individualized instruction, which promotes optimal growth. Children are often given personalized drills to work on based on their specific needs. No other camp offers instruction that is this intimate, from such talented adult coaches.

A summer at KSA is the opportunity of a lifetime. The level of instruction found in a specialty camp, mixed with the spirit, camaraderie, and fun of a traditional camp, is what makes KSA a truly unique and special summer experience. Our loving and caring environment truly makes KSA a home away from home. Come join our KSA family!

A. What makes your camp or program unique? Our elective program and professional coaching make Kutsher’s Sports Academy unique in the world of camping. Campers choose their own schedule and receive world-class professional instruction in each sport area. As a result, all of our campers are excited for each activity and show up ready to learn.

B. Describe a typical day in your camp or program.

At Kutsher’s Sports Academy, our campers wake up at 7:30AM. Campers travel to breakfast with their bunks, participate in flag raising, eat breakfast, and go back to their bunks for clean-up. Campers have 2 elective periods and one daily choice period in the morning. Campers then have lunch and rest period. In the afternoon, campers have 2 more elective periods and one bunk activity. In the evening, after dinner, we have league games, an evening activity, and canteen. A detailed schedule is below.

A Day at KSA

7:30am: Wake up

8:00am: Breakfast & Flag Raising

8:45am: Clean-up

9:15am: Elective #1

10:15am: Elective #2

11:15am: Daily Choice

12:30pm: Lunch

1:00pm: Rest Period

2:00pm: Elective #3

3:00pm: Elective #4

4:00pm: Group Activity\

5:15pm: Dinner

6:00pm: Leagues

8:00pm: Evening Activity

9:00pm: Canteen


C. What type of teenager participates in your camp or program?

We have a wide variety of campers at camp. We have such a wide range of activities that every camper can create a schedule that they love!

D. Where do your participants come from?

Campers come to Kutsher’s Sports Academy from all over the world. A majority of our campers come from the east coast of the United States. However, we get campers from all over the country and many international campers as well.

E. What is the housing like and what can you tell us about the meals?

Our campers live in spacious cabins with other campers their age. Our counselors live in the cabins with campers and we typically host one counselor for every 3 campers. All of the bunks have recently been renovated and we are refurbishing the bathrooms for 2017.

Kutsher’s Sports Academy prides itself on having great food. Our campers receive 3 meals daily and have a variety of options at each meal. We are a nut free camp and we are able to cater to vegeterians, vegans, kosher campers, and any allergies. Our chef will work with campers to ensure that they are eating nutritious meals and fueling their bodies for all of their activities!

F. Please describe what teens have to say about your program.

“KSA has made me become more independent and has made me a more social person.”

Attending Kutsher's Sports Academy was a life-changing experience. It fostered my love of sports but also taught me valuable everyday skills.

There were so many great and memorable moments this past summer! Some of the best things were getting to do paintball for the first time, playing in the tennis doubles tournament and improving at every sport I played this summer. I can\'t wait for summer 2017!

G. Any other information you think teens should know about your program?

Our program is ideal for teenagers who want to create their own schedule and focus on the activities that they love.

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