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Design at Harvard

Categories: Writing - All Genre, Academic / Pre-College

Ages: 18-62

Gender: Co-Ed

Type: Overnight/Residential

Physical Address:
Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, 48 Quincy Gund Hall
Cambridge, MA USA 02138

More Information:
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Our summer Career Discovery program helps you decide if a career in design is right for you and prepares you for admission to a professional degree program. Read More!

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Life is all about making choices. At any stage along the way, you may find yourself asking: Am I headed in the right direction? What would I really enjoy doing? What do I want to do next?

The six-week summer Career Discovery program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) welcomes people-from recent high school and college graduates to seasoned professionals-who are grappling with questions like these. And not just people considering a career in design or planning, but people with a broad spectrum of interests and remarkably diverse plans and goals. What they have in common is the drive and desire to seek the answers to those questions.

Participants in our program commit themselves fully to a path of intensive studio work, lectures, workshops, and field trips. Deeply immersed in a culture that is both challenging and rewarding, they experience what education and work are like in the design and planning professions. They emerge-many of them exhilarated-with a more profound understanding of the possibilities ahead and the choices they will make.

Career Discovery is open to anyone graduating high school in 2013 or older with an interest in design or planning.* A high level of academic skill is necessary to take full advantage of our rigorous program.


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