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BIMA -The Berkshire Institute for Music and Arts

Categories: Writing - All Genre, Arts / Photography / Film, Music / Singing / Dancing, Travel / Touring

Ages: 14-18

Gender: Co-Ed

Type: Overnight/Residential

Physical Address:
415 South Street MS 065
Waltham, MA USA 02454

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BIMA engages Jewish teens in an intensive summer arts program at Williams College to advance their skills in music (choral/jazz/chamber ensembles), creative writing, or painting. Read More!

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Information about BIMA -The Berkshire Institute for Music and Arts

BIMA brings together talented teens and top-notch arts faculty for four weeks in the summer to pursue serious artistic growth within a Jewish setting. The result is a vibrant community brimming with artistic discovery and Jewish experiences.

Receive intensive one-on-one instruction in your chosen major, collaborate and create in small groups, and explore the community around you with new friends?all while learning more about who you are as an artist and as an individual... and how your Judaism adds color and depth to the whole picture.

Whether you express yourself on the page, the canvas, or the stage, BIMA will enable you to grow in mastery of your chosen form of expression.


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