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  • Nonfiction > Educator of the Year
    Dear Mr. Moffat, Thank you for saving my life. Many students can say that a teacher ­“ruined” their life after failing them, or that they “changed” their life after showing them a new way to go about things, but very few students can say that a teacher saved their life. I can. ...
  • Poetry > Free Verse
    This knot in my stomach just won’t go away That voice in my head is just dying to say All of those things that I fear they are thinking And I feel my esteem certainly sinking Was I a loser or clingy Or possible both? In the process did I lose Those that I love the most? One has Perfec...
  • Poetry > Free Verse
    My words… Are just that. Words. Letters stringing together To form words. Words stringing together To form sentences heard. Sentences stringing together To form thoughts, Or at least that’s what They ought. I want to form great thoughts. To have Someone read my words - A...
  • Poetry > Free Verse
    “Equality may perhaps be a right, but no power on earth can ever turn it into a fact.” It’s the basis of our nation, The core of our values –endlessly Taught. Explained. Portrayed. Lived. We become eternally colorblind, oblivious to money, oblivious to stature, ...
  • Poetry > Free Verse
    Their name in itself, Leaves one to believe, Knowledge will be lost, And therefore you should grieve. Their weight is placed strategically, What American likes to lift even an extra gram? Their presence stops you, out of laziness, From saying words like damn. “Loose lips sink ships” ...
  • Fiction > Thriller/Mystery
    Zipping by in a frenzy, thoughts zoom into the brain’s headquarters. Options shout at random, each trying to make their impressions. Pieces of common sense crash into each other causing mayhem among personal experiences and principles. Like the brain’s version of door openings on Black Friday, ...
  • Poetry > All Poetry
    To have a healthy body Is a priceless gift, indeed. It’s better than getting high or drunk – That’s not something I need. You may think it makes you cooler And you may think that you are ‘dope’ But you becoming sober is One thing I can only hope. You may think you’ll be miss...
  • Poetry > All Poetry
    I’m peeling at the corners. I’m fraying at the limbs. I’m unraveling altogether; Unleashing my new skin. I’ve been crumpled up like paper: Exposed, torn, and beat, And so I’m disposing of my worn out skin But I’m not slumping in defeat. My smile has reached far And my smile...

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