Rainbow Six Siege on PlayStation 4, Xbox one, and PC

January 25, 2018
By pdub6203 BRONZE, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
pdub6203 BRONZE, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
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Death, death everywhere. But I’m not talking about people, no I’m referring to video games. Thousands of video games have been put to rest over the years since the Magnavox Odyssey But one game that caught everyone off balance is Rainbow six siege (A.K.A R6S). This game was considered D.O.A (dead on arrival) after its 2014 beta. When this attempt to hook players released, everyone thought it would be just like every other video game. This isn’t your plain jane f.p.s, first-person shooter, like Call of Duty or Battlefield, this game is unique in every way. Let me explain how this game is exempt from all the others by talking about the community, the strategy, and the wallet.

Rainbow Six Siege is a game full of communication. From the game mode Secure Area, whereas an attacker, have to lock down a hard point by killing all the enemies in the area, to Bomb, while attacking the operator with the defuser have to plant and protect it, this game is full of interaction whether with the map or the players. Casual Is a category of multiplayer to meet new people and practice before going into a match of Ranked. Ranked is the other option to join when people “sweat” or try very, very hard to get a high ranking. This mode is necessary to talk to teammates that were probably met in casual.

The unique part of this video game is gamers don’t have to be alive to make callouts. Instead of cursing people out after death to another player’s gun,  find enemies locations by viewing cameras and helping the team out rather than doing nothing. If teammates don’t make “call outs” ( telling teammates the whereabouts of the opposing players or where other enemies are ) members will get ambushed and killed within seconds. Which brings me to my next part.

Strategy, the only thing that comes easy in this game is death. Within my first couple of hours of playing this game, I died twice as much as the killing. This game is full of strategy, Which forces players to understand maps and angles, which took me days to figure out, in order to take out foes. This game is so needy, as some would say it, it requires full attention eyes and ears and mouth to play. But it’s a very open-minded game after every death players learn “what can I do to be better” and prevent this from happening. The strategy usually fits around the play style best fit for a player. Including the character or operators, available to chose to play with that contain different abilities to keep the enemies guessing. I also need to know the gameplans that certain operators are best for. Like Caviera, a very fast defending operator than can interrogate enemies to expose the entire opposing team. She is great for roaming around the map and catch foes looking the other way while she sneaks up behind them and kills them. And the inverse of Caviera, Castle, He stays in objective and barricades doors and windows with his bulletproof mats. But when they release these operators it is every gamers dream.
Free DLC, this game knows how to get gamers. Every gamers dream is free DLC (downloadable content). This game releases a free DLC every 3 months which includes 3 new operators 2 from the same country and 1 from another. Along with this bundle comes new maps, new game modes, new map changes, or new weapon balance to make sure a character is not overpowered. Where everything can be earned by playing very well or playing a lot. The boldest move but also the smartest move Ubisoft, the game producer, has ever made was the free weekend. Annually every 6 months free weekend takes effect and everybody can play this game for free if said person has an Xbox, PlayStation 4, or Personal computer (PC). This only lasts 3 days but it makes headlines and draws gamers in. When the free fun is over the game cuts down 60% of its original price.

Rainbow six siege has remained a very strong game over the 4 years it has been played. The strong support beams, to this very well developed game, are its very friendly and open-minded community that also wants the game to stay alive by welcoming newcomers to the very difficult game that is Rainbow Six Siege. The very strategic aspect where every bullet counts in long or short range combat and the sexy “one taps” where a player only needs one bullet to pierce castle’s skull and has him watching cams and trying to help his team, but still dumbfounded on how they killed him. Finally, the free DLC’s and free characters and the free weapon skins purchasable in-game credits or open an Alpha Pack to test luck with an all cosmetic reward system, unlike other games where it’s considered pay-to-win by buying a weapon that can only be accessed with real money. This system doesn’t give better armor or a better gun it just makes a gun, operator, or ability look cooler. Which makes the phrase “all is fair in love and war.” appropriate. Rainbow has both my love for the game and the war inside of that.

This game has entered my life by cracking jokes with my teammates in the nonvirtual world, appearing in my dreams, and/or reading about the game for fun. I would suggest this game to everyone if possible. Thanks for reading.

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