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November 28, 2017
By color SILVER, NY, New York
color SILVER, NY, New York
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Badland - Game review
Genre - Adventure, Puzzler, Platformer


You are a small fluffy ball with wings in a dense jungle with an array of spinning razors and killing machines and the only way to escape, is to fly out. This adventure platformer and puzzler created by Frogmind is Badland. It has been downloaded more than 80 million times on the iOS and Google Play app store.

You play as a small creature. You press on the screen to fly and let go to suddenly dip down. There are many individual levels to complete, and as you go through them, it gets darker, more grotesque and dangerous. Saw blades and hammers are desinged to stop you as much as possible. Puzzles also start to appear and they also get increasingly complex. But there are also things that can aid you, like powerups. The clone powerup duplicates you into many copies of you. The speed powerup makes you move faster, and the time powerup slows the surroundings.

This game also has abundant, crisp graphics. Even leaves are beautifully coded to swoop down on the grassy floor. The details in the background are stunningly unique. Whale-like creatures lurk in the ocean of water. Hand-drawn islands are grass-filled, with an occasional creature occupying it. The marshy environment  immerses you in the setting, and combined with the gameplay,  Badland gives you a sense of what a masterpiece should be.
The stunning views and scenery made me attached and I couldn’t stop playing for hours. I was completely mesmerized. The soundtrack made me in the jungle, with the occasional chirping of birds and the leaves crunching and water dripping. The buzzing of the saw blades spelled danger and made me feel cautious. All together, this provided a great captivating environment for the player.

Badland is totally a game not worth missing. It combines great, sharp graphics and one of the most exhilarating gameplay experiences overall.  I recommend it to anyone who likes the occasional adventure mixed in with a little platformer, all requiring only a phone. And that is what makes Badland a fantastic game.

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