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November 1, 2017
By Anonymous

The Danganronpa Series are my ones of my favorite games in the whole wide world, and I have play everyone of them to date. It even have a anime, manga, novel that add more depth to their world. I didn’t like the anime version of the first game, since it left out a lot of stuff from the first game. I also don’t like the Danganronpa 3 Anime, both the Future Arc and Despair Arc. It was a huge disappointment, and make the second game of the series seem pointless. The creator himself even said he didn’t like it, and it make sense since he thought letting the anime studio write the finale story was a good idea at the time. An advice to you all is to only play the games, and pretend the Anime did not exist.


The second game of the series, which I am writing a review about right now is my favorite game of the series. The setting this time is different from the first game. The first game take place in Hope’s Peak Academy, where special students are gathered. They each have a talent that they are very good at, that they get to be called a ‘’Ultimate’’ at that field. The setting this time is a remote island by their teacher, a mascot named Usami. Usami said it was a field trip to strengthen their bonds. It soon come to an end, when the Hope's Peak Academy's principal, Monokuma beat up Usami and trapped them on the island.


Monokuma said they are stuck on the island for life unless they can murder another student and get away with it. The students will  determine the murderer in a Class Trial, but if they choose the wrong person, then the killer gets to leave the island. The characters from the second have more useful talents compared to characters from the first game to use in a trial like the Ultimate Photographer/Nurse/Mechanic. The second game have a lot of cool talents such as Ultimate Chef/Musician/Mafia/Swordwoman/Coach. You can tell I really like the second game a lot, since it is the one that got me really into the series.


The ending is a huge shock for me, but I really like it and want to know more about the past of each character before the anime version screw it up for me. Some characters I like are Hinata Hajime, he have more of a personality compared to the main character from the first game and I can very related to him. Nagito Komaeda is a foil to Makoto Naegi from the first game, though I still want him to be more different like the beta design and maybe obsession over talent instead hope. I also like Mikan Tsumiki, she is very cute. I feel very bad for her in the free events and hope she get better treatment in the future games.


There are some improvements, I want to make to the game. Like for an example: there are some characters that should get more spotlight and development. Danganronpa V3 is the third game of the series, but I feel it lack the charm of the first and second game. There is a easter egg from it that might hint for a second Danganronpa Despair Girls game number 2. I am very happy about that and I hope it will include characters from the second game, since the timeline is between the first and second game.

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