Ghost Recon Wild on Xbox One

June 5, 2017
By MatthewSweeney BRONZE, Milton, Delaware
MatthewSweeney BRONZE, Milton, Delaware
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As I walked into gamestop, I could scent the newly arrived game in it’s plastic box. Like the roar of lions the crowed was talking about the new game that they were all there for. Then I saw it, the first green ,xbox game was sold and they kept on going, then (as it felt like an eternity) I got so close I could almost taste it. I got to the counter two people later and felt the new plastic of the game, it was amazing, so I bought it.

There are many genera of video games: action, adventure, and strategy. Ghost Recon Wildlands is a must have if you, as a gamer want a action, adventure type of game. Also if you're a geek for graphics and love just the look of game this game is for you, beside the flaws this game has it’s one of the best i’ve seen in a while, so go give it a try. You’ll love it.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a free roam, story line game. In this new game, there's the story mode and that’s all this game needs to be good. In the story mode you can play it by yourself or get some help from friends to beat the game. Having teamwork to finish missions is most of the time fun and a different experience from playing a game all by yourself, now you can play with three other friends, or only one or two whichever you prefer.
While this game is its own game it's also a combination of games. It has the third person view like GTA 5 but has the first person shooter of Call of Duty. This game as was just said is both a first and third person game, while you're running or even driving around the beautiful map, you're in third person, once you get to a mission and zoom into shoot it goes to a first person shooter.

Besides the kind of views the character has the gameplay and graphics of this game are outstanding. The graphics are some of the best graphics i’ve seen, it’s mostly likely because it's a brand new game, but still the graphics are so good. Also the gameplay, the gameplay of Ghost Recon is really good, it's not like the story of GTA 5, but it is really good. It has many missions, it mostly like going to take days of playing it to completely finish the whole entire game. Gun shots going off in the distance while driving is one of the many great parts about the gameplay. This games story has so much into it, there’s only one word to describe it, amazing.

Don’t worry parents, this game, even though is rated M for mature, it’s not really that bad. There is some nudity, but it’s exploitative there’s only a few scenes with it. There is gore in the game, but pretty much all games nowadays have gore in them so it’s not new news. There is also guns and other weapons, but still if you allow your child play Call of Duty or any other games with weapons, this shouldn’t be an exception. The profanity isn’t to bad, but there is some of it throughout the game. Also this game can vary from prices, like online is about 55 to 65 dollars for the normal edition, and the price can change due to the type of version you get, but none the less it’s ok.

This game though does have its flaws. Like how on xbox there’s choppy gameplay after hitting the home button. Some people have said when they go to the help button of miss click  the home button there gameplay of the game is choppy and real hard to play. Besides a few bugs in the game that should be fixed in a couple of months, the gameplay is overall great.

Since playing the open beta, I’ve seen the flaws in the game; these flaws aren’t what others see. What I see is the driving in the game needs some working on. That might just be a thing for me, but it's kind of hard to drive in the game. Overall though this game has potential at being the game of the year this year for its great graphics and even more amazing gameplay. That’s not me just saying that I think it’s perfect, I’ve talked to tons of people online that say it s amazing and they wish they had more time to play it.

There’s always new games that come out that always get hyped, but when they're bought by the people and wonder, “why does this piece of noname-junk exist” and they abhor the game. There’s other games that as well get hyped, but are amazing, like the new game Ghost Recon Wildlands. This game was hyped a decent amount and it’s coming out to what it was said to, and more.

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