Left 4 Dead 2 Review on Xbox 360, PC (PC is the best to play this game on)

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Left 4 Dead 2 Review:
Left 4 dead 2 is the sequel to beautiful game from Valve. Left 4 dead, L4d2 has every aspect left 4 dead had and more. Triple the weapons add three more infected a handful of maps and an explosion of hours.
Left 4 dead 2 takes four new survivors to the great south. Ellis, Nick, Coach and Rochelle. For the infection has reached a peak creating three more boss infected. The Spitter a long necked woman who can spit pools of acid. (similar to a Molotov) The jockey an upgraded hunter who can pounce a survivor and move the survivor while killing him. And the charger a min tank capable of plowing through crowds of infected slamming into a survivor and pushing him away from the party. And doing great damage to the survivor in a slamming attack. Each of the infected is a new weapon to the ranks of the infected.
But survivors have new additions as well… A spas,( auto shotgun) a chrome shotgun, (pump) a silenced Uzi, a Moded G3, (sniper rifle) Ak47 (by god you better know what that is…) tons of melee.
And Gordans Godly Crowbar…
Left 4 dead’s special infected have new skins, Hunter, smoker, Boomer (and boomerat, Girl boomer)
MAPS: Left 4 dead 2 has a five new campaigns and the passing coming soon. Each campaign has a new aspect of game play to it. Though to a trained map making eye, you will noticed tat some of the maps are shorter. And have less detail but when you’re fighting off hundreds of infected you don’t seem to notice. Hard rain is a personal favorite, survivors must rush to a gas station in order to refill but must fight there way back to the ship. Leaving a sunny day for nights of rain and zombie terror. This map is made for trained and strong players, witches are every where and usually the most skilled players come out of versus. Meaning you have to be quick and alert or this map will chew you up spit you out stomp on you lights you on fire and laugh.
The parish is a map for rushers and people who love every piece of adrenaline and terror. From running away from infected and specials.
Dark carnival is a vicious map where everything you shoot attracts a horde with a finale helicopter with a twist that will leave you mashing your keyboard for noclip. And when I mean vicious I mean everything will spawn in order to kill you. And clowns and gnomes don’t mix unless you hate them horribly…
Dead center is a map well for um… I don’t know pyros who love fire? Dead center is a map that shows a little bit of the scavenge mode. (I love the mode personally)
Swamp fever is a map for those ready for onslaught for torture to a high degree while not the most challenging on expert is does stand its self up on expert.
MODES: Left 4 dead 2 has two new modes: REALISM and SCAVENGE]
Scavenge is a game mode for those with a little match time on their hands. Where survivors rush as many gas cans to a generator to fill it up for points. While a team of human controlled infected try to stop them. While not as challenging as versus it presents its own challenge. Such as keeping your team together and trying to figure out a plan for making more gas go to the generator. You’ll need a mic and a steady stream of gunfire.
Realism can also be called rape and certain death, outlines gone. Friendly fire is deadly and witches always kill. While on normal is a little annoying but on expert just bend over and let it happen. Head shots are needed and common infected will take half a clip. You can’t just plow through them normally, in other words everyone needs a mic and everyone needs to be serious no downs. So every point counts and one lesson will be taught here… HARD RAIN SHOULD BE DONE LAST!!!! I SWEAR!!!!
I left 4 dead 2 the adventures of Ellis and kiddy land a 4/5 a fun a game but not the new left 4 dead.
Have fun I’ll do some more reviews in time!!!!

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teethkicker14 said...
Oct. 14, 2011 at 11:08 am
This game is extremly fun. I have played it a million times. It has fun features and online is amazing. It is always fun
Riley A. said...
May 3, 2011 at 10:54 am
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