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The Mentalist

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Most shows lose their luster in later seasons –the plots become monotonous and the characters lose their shine. This has not been the case for “The Mentalist”, however. Currently in its sixth season, “The Mentalist” has kept viewers hooked since the very beginning and continues to do so every Sunday night.

“The Mentalist” has raised the bar when it comes to procedural crime dramas. The show has engaged viewers in a witty and fresh approach to fighting crime as it follows a team of California Bureau of Investigation agents and their quirky consultant, Patrick Jane. Jane, played by the extremely talented Simon Baker, solves some of the most hard to crack murder cases using his unusual talents. Even though Jane can’t really read minds, his acute observation skills and judgments of human reaction allow him to pick up on what others miss. His intelligence has helped bring justice to people, but at times his elaborate schemes to catch the bad guy have gotten him into pickles. Jane’s quick thinking and funny antics make the viewer fall in love with him and “The Mentalist”.

Major changes in the show have occurred in season six that have brought new and exciting elements to the table. Besides solving the usual murders, the last five seasons have followed Patrick Jane and his quest for revenge on the notorious serial killer, Red John, who killed Jane’s wife and daughter ten years earlier. It all comes to a head in season six, which has been dubbed “Mentalist 2.0” by fans. This season has been invigorating and thrilling, leaving fans desperate for the next episode.

“The Mentalist” is a quality show that shouldn’t be passed up when flipping through the channels. I encourage everyone to watch it –you will not be disappointed! You can catch “The Mentalist” on CBS on Sunday nights at 10/9c.

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