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Big School

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I first heard about this new BBC sitcom in a magazine, and I couldn’t wait to watch it-anything starring both David Walliams and Catherine Tate is bound to be jam-packed with hysterical laughs!
Oh how very wrong I was. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. The 6-part series has failed to impress me so far; I find the jokes weak and tasteless. Where are the hugely amusing personalities of these well established comedians? Certainly not in ‘Big School’.
It appears these comedy legends are losing their touch. Whilst I did find myself smiling at a few of the jokes, the whole programme relies on cheap laughs and has no real storyline or target audience. It’s set in a school, yet the pupils barely feature in the programme, as it tends to focus on just three or four main characters, all of which are adults. Perhaps by involving the younger characters more, teenagers and children would enjoy the programme, as it would reflect their own school life and therefore be more relatable.
Maybe Walliams and Tate need to go back to school and learn what a good sitcom looks like. It’s a shame that such talented entertainers have managed to make such a poor TV show. As my own teachers would say, they are capable of much more.

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