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X Factor Since Inception

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The X Factor
The Real Winners
Grabbing the glory in the finals doesn’t always lead to a brilliant career. So, as the countdown begins to the 10th series, we are going to take a look at who’s become hot property – and who’s flopped!
Series 1: 2004
Winner – Steve Brookstein
The first ever X Factor winner released a no 1 single – no surprises there – and seemed set for stardom when his debut album hit the top spot too. But a follow-up track failed to materialize, and it turned out that his record label, Sony BMG, had dropped him only eight months after his win! He then penned some original material and release it through his own label, but so far, he hasn’t bothered the charts again. Aww…
Most Successful – G4
According to Simon Cowell, vocal troupe G4 were the real winners. A No1 album seemed to promise a glittering future, but later offerings charted at no6 and no21 respectively. They had their moments though, but they were never built to last!
Series 2 – 2005
Winner – Shayne Ward
After a promising start, heart-throb Shayne’s star seemed to loseits sparkle, as Simon and Louis turned their attentions to more recent discoveries. He attempted a comeback with a single Gotta Be Somebody – a Nickleback cover – and an album, Obsession. But both failed to go Top 10 in the UK, and Syco didn’t renew his contract. He tweeted “1 door closed. A thousand more will open”, and his positive attitude paid off – he’s set to play Stacee Jaxx in the West End 80’s musical, Rock Of Angels!
Series 3 – 2006
Winner And Most Successful – Leona Lewis
Leona’s rise is the ultimate talent-show Cinderella’s story! The pretty Miss Lewis is now multi-platinum selling artist and has notched up an amazing Grammy Awards nominations.
Series 4 – 2007
Winner – Leon Jackson
Leon never stood a chance, with Simon openly backing runner-up Rhydian. He got the Christmas No1 but after disappointing album sales, was dropped by Syco. He also won the dodgy accolade of “second-biggest reality-show flop” beaten only by Steve Brookstein! Sure, the scot lad was adorable, but he lacked that all-important star quality.
Series 5 – 2008
Winner – Alexandra Burke
To date, Alex has done amazingly well, with three UK No1 singles as a solo artist and a massive arena tour under her belt. She’s currently working on her new album which se promise will be ‘fierce’!! Rrrroar!!!
Most Successful – Jls
The runaway success story of XF5 was JLS – four awesome, hee-vee rockin’, singin’, dancin’, backflippin’ dudes! Since coming second, they’ve cemented their place in UK pop with four No1s as a band and a 1 million pound record deal, and now that they’ve inked a contract in the USA, world domination beckons. Music mogul Jay-Z predicted they’ll become as big as NSYNC – JT’s former band – and we saw how amazingly-fast they climed the ladder of success.
Series 6 – 2009
Winner – Joe Mcelderry
This sweet Geordie lad bagged an incredible 61% of the final vote. However, he was piped to the Christmas No1 slot by veteran rockers Rage Against The Machine, and their single, Killing In the Name, following an anti-X Factor campaign. His own track, a cover of Miley C’s The Climb, made No1 the following week, and he recorded an album, Wide Awake, but slow sales of his last single, Someone Wake Me Up, led to his being dropped by Syco.
Most Successful – Olly Murs
The delectable Mr M wowed us with his exceptional looks and quirky style when he first graced the stage and, 4 years on, we’re still impressed. His self-titled debut album reached No2, he’s had a string of Top 10 singles, including a No1, and he’s played an arena tour. Its claimed he can command 15,000 pound for an appearance and his bank account must be overflowing as he’s also bagged a job as the new host of The Xtra Factor – kerching!
Series 7 – 2010
Winner – Matt Cardle
Matt hit No1 for three weeks last December but as there was no follow up track, the success didn’t come fast to him. Poor boy, he could have done better.
Most Successful – Cher Loyd
Cher made a massive impact the second she started singing at her audition, and began to cause controversy soon after. But, overall, her rap-pop style was a breath of fresh air. Her album – featuring hook-ups with huge-name producers, including – received positive reviews.
Most-Most Successful – One Direction
If any boy band could make me question my loyalty to the mighty The Wanted, its this lot! A combo of incredible looks and melting cute voices means success is practically guaranteed – or say it’s already in their feet. Named the second famous band after The Beatles, these boys after releasing their second album are getting more than their fair share of success.
Series 8 – 2011
Winner and Most Successful – Little Mix
This band which was formerly called “Rhythmix” consist of four girls, they became the first group entry to win in the programme's eight-year history. Signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records, the group subsequently signed in the United States with Columbia Records. Little Mix has been branded the next Spice Girls as well as the UK's next biggest girl group capable of international success.
After winning, they released their first single, a version of Damien Rice's "Cannonball". They released their debut album, DNA, on 19 November 2012.
Series 9 – 2012
Winner – James Arthur
His debut single, "Impossible", was released after the final and debuted at number one on the UK Singles Chart on 16 December 2012 in its first week of release. It has since gone on to sell over 1.3 million copies and become the best-selling The X Factor winner's single of all time. By February 2013, it had become the best-selling X Factor winner's single with 1.3 million copies sold. After winning The X Factor, he was invited to return to Bahrain to formally open the British School of Bahrain's music and drama rehearsal studios and the school's 400-seat auditorium, both part of the expansion of the facilities in the school in which he studied for four years. Not much after X Factor, in short.
As the series is just ended, its hard to say who’s gaining popularity faster than anyone.
The 10th series is going to start soon. So stay tuned in.

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