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Amazing World Of Gumball

The Amazing World Of Gumball is a funny show. My favorite characters is Gumball who is a cat who faces with danger and love with Penny and Richard who is Gumball's dad who does nothing but who goes on adventures with his family.
Gumball's brother Darwin and Gumball always has to face danger at school and home that they start.
Nichole is Gumball's mother who is the most dangerous type in the family. Anansie is their sister who is smart helps them throughout most of the problems.
My favorite episode is when Their dad is on antastics and gumball teaches a Darwin a lesson when he flakes out on A Rex at school because Gumball needed to take back what he said about Tina the Rex.
This is a great show overall. I give The amazing world of gumball a 4.5 out of 5

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