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Person of Interest

Who’s ready to start the search for Mr. Finch?? If you raised your hand, shouted “me!”, or did some variation of volunteering wholeheartedly, then I thank you. If you said, “Oh, I thought this was an article about Rebecca Black,” or otherwise have no idea why you are reading this, then I invite you to educate yourself. Behold, the fantastic world of Person of Interest!

This action packed-show, first appearing on the air back in fall of 2011, follows Mr. Reese and Mr. Finch, two mysterious men with dark pasts and lost loves. Mr. Finch, a reclusive billionaire computer-genius, (portrayed by Michael Emerson,) finds John Reese, an ex-CIA and Green Beret agent who is supposed to be dead (portrayed by Jim Caviezel,). He asks John to assist him in a project: saving the lives of innocent people in New york. He says he has built a “Machine”, one that uses security camera footage and computer software to spy on people all over the globe, and detect possible threats caused by what it deems “dangerous behavior”. Mr. Finch was hired by the government after 9/11 to build this Machine to stop future terrorist attacks. He realized after he designed it, however, that it wasn’t only seeing the big picture: it was predicting crimes of civilians as well.

Years later, in the present day, he and Mr. Reese are working as a team, using the social security numbers the Machine provides to stop terror all over New York City. And tonight, they’re finally back! Person of Interest is undoubtedly my favorite show, with gunfights, drug busts, and dangerous Italian mob bosses lurking around every corner. The two leads play off of each other fantastically, witty banter being the main focus of many scenes, and each episode leads us closer to finding the truth behind their peculiar lives. Join me this Thursday to begin the journey again!!

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Vagabond said...
Oct. 18, 2012 at 5:21 am:
i am actually so obsessed with POI!!
loved the review!! mind reading the review i wrote on white collar? thanks :)
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