Dear Santa by TTS

November 27, 2017

“I think this is gonna be/ a Christmas worth remembering…” As the warm air is swept away by the cool breeze, the angelic voices of TaeTiSeo (otherwise known as TTS) in their album Dear Santa reminds you of the holidays. TTS is a subunit for the South Korean girl group, Girls Generation. Instead of nine girls singing or rapping, the three sweet voices of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun are heard, along with the soft melody.
TTS’s third album, Dear Santa, was released on December 4, 2015. They are known for their powerful yet pleasant vocals and their signature R&B soul with a pop twist music. Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun, formed TTS by the company S.M. Entertainment in 2012. Their past albums, Holler and Twinkle, are more lively and upbeat while their last album brings a more peaceful vibe.

Dear Santa starts off with the title track, which begins with soft piano riffs and the sound of bells jingling to create the wistful, holiday mood. After the soft humming, it unexpectedly turns into a fast-tempo Christmas tune that is upbeat, swingy, and jazzy as the girls’ vocals makes the listeners cheerfully rock along. “Winter Story,” a simple ballad, has a heartwarming vibe with TTS’ voices and the velvety acoustic guitar riffs. “First Snow” is an upbeat pop song with syncopated rhythms and many instrument elements like brass, organs, and synthesizer sounds. All the songs have their own melody, but with their own meaning.

Despite the different lyrics, the songs all create a Christmas mood. “Warmth that transfer to my fingertips/ your gaze that looks only at me/ like a white sweater/ it warmly embraced me.” This ballad, “Winter Story,” expresses the feelings of meeting a lover amidst a beautiful snow shower. “First Snow” and “I Like the Way” also shows a couple on a winter day. “Merry Christmas,” on the other hand, expresses the excitement of the Christmas day. “This happiness becomes the light of tears/ it shines like the stars in the night sky. Everyone Merry Christmas/ this season is beautiful again,” TTS sings in Korean with a hint of elation in their voice as soft bells jingle in the background. The lyrics may be hard to appreciate when they are in Korean. However, there is an English version of the title track, “Dear Santa.” The Korean and English version may have the same tune, but the Korean version’s lyrics are about someone wanting to spend Christmas with a loved one while the English version’s lyrics are about Santa’s visit.

Dear Santa is an album perfect for setting a lighthearted, joyous holiday mood with the meaningful lyrics and modulated voices. From the jolt of energy in the first line of the first song, to the soft jingles in the last song, everyone will be spending the holidays when “this season is beautiful again” listening to the album by TTS.

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