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The Lateness Of The Hour by Alex Clare

After hearing the famed song, "Too Close" on the Internet Explorer 9 commercial in the summer, I had been hooked on to Alex Clare's music. His album, "The Lateness Of The Hour", although receiving mixed reviews from critics in the UK, is a breathtaking album. His lead single on the album, "Up all Night", is absolutely stunning, with its constant drumming and smoothness, and excitement. The hit single, "Too Close", skyrocketed the albums release, having been picked as the Internet Explorer 9 advertisement this past summer. Its constant wub keeps the listener hooked to the beat. This song shows no mercy as it bursts out of the gate with an eerie buildup of beats you could envision. An unexpected appearance of a guitar prompts the pained, raspy voice of Alex, melting into the harshness of the wobble bass when the chorus drops. "Relax My Beloved", is by far my favorite song from Alex Clare. This song provides a gloomy sound, combined with the dubstep, and a smooth singing voice that makes you actually feel what's going on. His other songs, such as "Treading Water" and "Hummingbird" are other astonishing songs on the album. Alex Clare's music constantly drowns you in a pool of emotion, all due to his amazing ability to make you feel. I rate this album 5/5 stars because of it's majorly impressive debut, with an impressive mixture of dubstep and soul.

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