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Take Me Home by One Direction

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Take Me Home
One Direction
Release date: November 09, 2012
Genre: Pop rock, dance-pop, soft rock, teen pop
Label: Syco Records and Columbia Records

Who would have known that this cute-looking gang will take the music world by reins and make every other person a “Directioner”. Started their band in 2010 after getting unsuccessful (individually) in The X Factor, they set the world on fire with their hit single “What Makes You Beautiful” and aint we proud of them… they have our very own Pakistani lad, Zayn, in their pact. 1D is back with yet another awesome album in their bags. Take Me Home, flaunting 13 rocking tracks is all the rage nowadays.
Let’s review this cool album with tang of emotions.

Change My Mind is my favorite one. Starts with Louis’ vocals, which are so full of feelings. Zayn seconds him. You hear guitar chords in the start which carry on till Liam take over. Awesome chorus and beautiful crescendo. I’m not much f a Directioner but it IS a “Must-Listen”. Good job guys!
Live While We’re Young stayed on Billboard Canadian Hot 100 on number 2 position for 15 weeks! You’ll get tired of listening it again and again on FM. This time Liam starts with his clear throaty voice. Zany seconds again this time. His voice which makes us swoon over him gives a “Just pretending that we're cool” pre-chorus. Carries a beating rhythm of drums throughout the track. It’s a fact that the mixture of these five voices makes us wish we were one of them. A rocking track which is sung with great gusto.

Last First Kiss is a cool track. A real RnB, NOT a cheeky one like it sounds by its name. Liam’s touching start and everyone’s follow up makes you feel every boys pain. People say Harry is the best singer and even though I don’t like this curly-haired lad, I have to agree. But Niall and Zayn follows him in the mastery of vocalism. Music is the winner and chorus too. Heady track and touchy lyrics. New addition: Repetitive back vocals=hooky.

Heart Attack is a “Harry Styles” track (don’t know what made me say it). Starts with Harry’s quirkiness, perkiness, contagiously funny vocals and contains Zayn’s own pre-chorus. Listening to it will make you groove and kick a few moves. It tells a failed love-story but listening to it will make you happy. A distinctive addition of “OOW” in the chorus makes it hooky. “And I’m like 'Ow, Never thought it’d hurt so bad, Getting over you” goes the chorus.

Rock Me: Been listening it on FM for weeks and thinking which talented band is it, (I can never recog. A 1D song.) and now it dawned on the that they are none other than 1D boys. Harry, Louis, Niall then Liam, meaning Zayn don’t get any solo part in it. Chorus by Niall “I want you to rock me!” makes you take the floor and jam on an invisible guitar. A Robbie Williams and Linkin Park kinda song with loud claps in the background. “R-O-C-K me again” is the mantra you’ll be repeating all day.

Little Things, a slow harmonious track, with slow tingling rhythm, brings back the air of 80’s. Starts with the throaty voice of Zayn. The lyrics are sweet and good as they get. Harry’s part will remind you of Jack Johnson or Keith Urban, a true country voice. This track is very different and one of its kind. “You'll never love yourself, Half as much as I love you. You'll never treat yourself right darlin', But I want you to. If I let you know, I'm here for you, Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you.” Now who have sweeter lyrics than these?
Track List
Live While We're Young
Kiss You
Little Things
C’mon C’mon
Last First Kiss
Heart Attack
Rock Me
Change My Mind
I Would
Over Again
Back For You
They Don’t Know About US
Summer Love
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