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Contrast by Conor Maynard

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Conor Maynard
Released on; July, 30th 2012
Genre: Pop, Synth-Pop, Dance-Pop, Pop-Rock

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Conor Paul Maynard, 20, is an English singer from Brighton who is currently signed to EMI. Maynard rose to success in 2012 when he was nominated for, and subsequently won, MTV's Brand New for 2012 award.

BBC Music

The Guardian
Conor started climbing the ladder of success in 2006. Throughout 2009–present, Maynard uploaded cover versions of songs with rapper and close friend, Anthony "Anth" Melo. Together they have covered a variety of songs, including: Chris Brown ("Crawl"), Taio Cruz ("Dynamite"), Rihanna ("Only Girl (In the World)"). Maynard was brought to label attention when American singer/songwriter Ne-Yo watched a cover version of his track "Beautiful Monster" – who contacted the musician soon afterwards, and Ne-Yo became Maynard's mentor.
The name Contrast suits the album, as it is the contrast of different tracks. RnB, pop, rock, techno-rock etc…
CAN’T SAY NO is his previous single, which brought him to this height of fame. It starts with a really slow music whispering by Conor. Song is edgy, and has daring lyrics. A real Teen-Pop. Chorus is a winner! It’s a real hooky. The at once change of rhythm makes it catchier. It could have done with some better music. For every pop-rock loving boy out there! Conor speaks what every guy want to say!
TURN AROUND features Ne-Yo. The song starts with the sound of waves and sea and AT ONCE changes. This pop tune carries a great music throughout the song. Conor tries different vocal skills. Ne-Yo’s featuring is not like every other rapping, it suits the song. It’s a must-listen. Ends perfectly!
ANOTHER ONE begins with an awesome beat of drums and Conor making a sound like “oooooooo”. Its very Chris Brown and Jason Derulo. Most of Conor’s songs have weird or mismatching music, but this one really carries it beautifully. Then again, the sudden change of rhythm. “I got another o-o-o-one!” yes, that’s the line you’ll get yourself singing! It’s the second best song of the album. Groovy!
BETTER THAN YOU has a techno-metallic beat to it. His voice changing mechanically and the music has a really different tune to it. Rita Ora’s featuring…? I really think the song was better off without it. Her unsuccessful tries of mimicking Cristina Aguilera. No, thank you. Contains cacophonic rhythm.
GLASS GIRL, said by Nick Levine of BBC Music, is an "attempt to rewrite JT's Cry Me a River for the dubstep generation” and he also says that this album has class and it’s a credible collection of electronic RnB.. The lyrics pretty much focus on the same point. Conor’s does a great job of making it his song. The music is like of some video game. Overall, the song is a remarkable effort by Conor, it could have done with some different music.
PICTURES is the best song of the whole album. Starts with the thumping of drums. Conor’s rapping like singing in it make the listener to concentrate on the lyrics. He tries to make his voice a squeal (mimicking JT and Michael Jackson). The chorus is a winner, Conor goes like “that’s why I was always taking pictures, cuz I didn’t wanna miss a thing.” It has the same cadence as “Just In Case”.
DigitalSpy criticized his lyrics for being "mismatch with his boy-next-door persona", ultimately stating the songs feel "like a by-product of his mentors rather than an expression of his teenage self." The Guardian, however, noted that the "British Justin Bieber" label fits Maynard as the album "follows the Bieber template of fitting a breathy teenage voice to clean-cut urban pop”.

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