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Paradise by Cody Simpson

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Cody Simpson’s Paradise

It’s a must-have… if you are not a Simpsonizer, you will become one, just check this out!

Teen Pop, Dance, Rock, R&B
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The first full-length album by Cody Simpson, an Aussie singer-songwriter, Paradise is out now. This album shows how much Cody has grown. Every track sounds mature and different. Paradise touches his R&B and Pop vocal talents. Some of the songs will make you shed a tear or two; others will make you kick some moves.

In Paradise, the track “Paradise” just blow you away, it starts with a great rhythm and greater lyrics “If I’m dreaming here, just let me be cuz I’m in Paradise”, the song finishes with Cody’s voice fading, singing, “So let me be”. The song is a really good staring for an album like “Paradise”.

Be the One is going to entertain you with its full of banging music and Cody’s cries “woohooo” throughout the song. It will make you dance and shake your head to the beat. He sings, “Wooohooo I just wanna be with you, I don’t care if nobody approve”.

Hello is my favorite. He starts with a soft almost whispering “I like This Right Here” like in most of his song. The chorus is going to make you fall deep in the song. “Cuz I just wanna hear you say Hello! Can you hear my heart beat through the phone!. This one is going to make you remember calling to someone when in need of help and you do not get any answer.

Tears on your pillow is a bit like his previous single “Don’t cry your heart”, he goes in this song like “Cuz now that you’re mine, there gonna be no more tears on your pillow”. This song is perfect if you want to dedicate to your loved one… this is one not really slow and soft, but carries a good tune till the end.

Wish You Were Here is all what it says in its title. But, mind you, its not slow and is NOT going to make you cry. Note: Not for Softies. He goes “I wish you were here, the music is better, and lights are brighter when you are near.” Cody in an interview said, “Wish U Were Here” took the longest to record. A lot of my songs take a really short time from start to finish. I am usually pretty quick in the studio — and I finish most songs in a couple of hours. For “Wish U Were Here,” it took like four different days at four different studios. The fourth time in the studio, I literally worked until I fell asleep. We were at a studio in Malibu, I could not sing another note, and I actually fell asleep!

Back to You is slow and rhythmic tune will make me sing along it, it’s sweet and will make you cry too. It’s the very song you need when you are having trouble getting a clear mind for studying or some work which need concentration. The lyrics goes;
“Lemme know what I have to do to go back to you
Lemme know what I have to say so you think of me”

Summer Shade has the most beautiful lyrics, its slow and the chorus is going to get itself printed on the walls of your brain. The tune changes in few places to just to make it catchier. (You will hear Cody laugh in it too). The lyrics goes “All I wanna do is hang with, every day in summer shade”

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