We R who we R by Ke$ha

January 26, 2011

In Ke$ha's latest music video for the song "WE R WHO WE R"(even the text talk title attempts to be down with the kids) Ke$ha shows us exactly why there is a $ sign instead of an s in her stage name. The entire music video is basically an advert with Ke$ha singing occasionally. We are supposed, i assume, to not notice that while at a club the DJ is casually browsing the "plenty of fish" on line dating agency on their laptop. Then "tequila revolucion" takes centre stage. There are two camera shots of just the bottle sitting on the bar, then it being poured and drunk. This video is so commercial it's ludicrous. I mean Ke$ha is hardly known for being an artist with integrity but this is an entirely new level. I'm sure she and her company are making $ from this new advert, i mean video. Other than this Ke$ha half dances and mimes around the club and some flames come up behind her but to be honest the true stars of the video are tequila revolucion and plenty of fish dating agency. There is absolutely no subtlety in the way the products are presented. So my overall review of Ke$ha's video isn't too great i'm afraid, not that she'll care mind, she can cry all the way to the bank.

The author's comments:
watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR7pL1ytId0

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