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Stuck in Love

A film that follows a family of writers throughout their individual but intertwining journeys in falling into/out of love, maturing as writers, and growing as a family. “Stuck in Love,” is an honest film, full of raw emotion, and situations that entice you that you can relate to.
As a writer myself, I found that by watching these writers go through the stages of become an author put things in perspective for me. The first step is practicing and perfecting your craft, second is getting published and creating your platform as a writer, and the third is continuing to write once you’ve become a successful author.
Love is what makes this film go around. It relays quite brutally, a first heartbreak. Focusing on the agonizing stages that follow, much like going through withdrawals from an addiction. It manages to lift up your hopes by exploring young, promising love through the eyes of a love cynic. And it tells the story of old love and its transformation into new love.
This movie will leave you wallowing in your feelings, and it will make you reach for the nearest pencil and paper to write a story of your own.
It was brilliantly directed by Josh Boone, who based most of the film’s context on his personal voyage through new love and lost love. The actors were cast flawlessly, each brought a breath of sincerity to each character.
“Stuck in Love,” quickly became one of my go-to, pick-me-up movies. I am sure, that after one watch, it will become the same for you.

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