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Sin City

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My Review of Sin City

Based off the graphic novel of the same, this neo-noir crime film is said to be one of the most artistically put together films of all time. Never having read the series of graphic novels by Frank Miller, or heard of Sin City, I decided to check it out. And honestly, I really enjoyed the film.

In a metropolis of crime and corruption, we center around several different stories that all involve the black, white, and grayness of crime. All of them are somehow related to each other, and they're pretty interesting on their own. We have one story about a cop named John framed for murder and child abduction, another thug named Marv who gets back at the people who killed a prostitute he fell in love with, a man that unknowingly gets involved with a turf war, and more that all unravel in this CGI city.

About that, I have to talk about the first thing you'll notice when watching the movie. Most, if not all the backgrounds of Sin City, are made with CGI. And it works because if you add the film mostly being black and white, it beautifully stylized to the illusion that it give the film a full noir feeling. There is barely any color in this film, it's very black and white, much like a noir film. The bright colors they show once in a while are only used to show emotional moments and when it helps create the atmosphere.

Oh yeah, I should talk about the characters. There are too many to count, but they are very interesting and complex. I liked the stories they told and wanted to see the outcome.

I guess my only complaint of Sin City is that there is a bit too much monologue from the character. Now don't get me wrong, I like their voices and the use of words spoken. But after a while, it does get a bit tiring. But that's just a nitpick for me.

What's my opinion on this? If you're not a fan of crime films that involve a lot of mutilation, then this may not be your cup of tea, which is fine. But if you can take the R rating and do like both crime noir dramas and CGI imagery, then this is a film really worth checking out.

As far as neo-noir films go, this is a very interesting movie. I don't see it as a masterpiece, but it is a great movie. I adore the imagery in this, I like the characters, and I did like the stories. I might watch it again, and you may like it too.

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