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Swing Kids

If you like either Newsies, Christian Bale or movies with a Germany pre-WW2 setting you are very likely to like this movie. Starring Christian Bale (from Newsies and Batman), Robert Sean Leonard (from Dead Poets Society) and Frank Whaley (from Field of Dreams) who play Thomas, Peter and Arvil. Thomas and Peter attempt to be Hilter Youth by day and swing kids by night but what they don't relize is the effect it has on their friends and families.

Be advised during some parts of this movie you will probably need many things like a bullhorn to yell at some of the characters and you will need tissues this movie is very sad in some parts. After you watch movie you will probably be into swing music a little bit more than you were before you watched the movie (I know I love swing music now)

I give this movie a 9.2 out of 10. It was a great movie, with many shocks and you will shed many tears. They could have improve maybe by adding a special features section but that's probably because that is the favorite part of a movie for me. The dancing and singing (sadly not at the same time for the characters) were spectacular!

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