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An argument can roll as far as it can, as long as it backed up with confidence. That is how I look at the debater’s arguments in the movie The Great Debaters. This movie stars; Denzel Washington as Mr.Tolson, Nate Parker as Hendry, Denzel Whitaker as Jr., Jurnee Smollett as the gorgeous Samantha, and Jermaine Williams as Hamilton. As an all African American college in Texas, the Willie College debate team became unstoppable with Hendry and Hamilton as their main debaters. All four debaters soon seem to grow a stronger bond, but you notice that Hendry and Samantha appear to have a relationship going on. Their undefeated record takes a rough turn when Hamilton is forced to resign from the team right after the debaters receive the news of their next debate against Oklahoma. Eventually Samantha ended up debating with Hendry, and ended up winning against Oklahoma City University. The Three debaters moved on, but then Mr.Tolson has an idea of debating Harvard University, one of the toughest universities to debate.

This movie has some amazing actors, Denzel Washington is an example. He never disappoints, he is always the one to make movies much better than they plan to be. He plays the role of an intelligent college professor. He was very direct with his debaters, and he was the reason why I saw this movie. Nate Parker, Hendry, also played a very interesting role. As a teenager who likes to drink and party, he is a very intelligent student. The motivation from these two characters makes you feel the energy that is spread throughout the movie.

The most interesting part of this whole movie is that it was based on a true story. I loved how this movie makes chills run down my spine. The inspiration that comes from Mr.Tolson is so strong that you can feel it as you are watching the movie. It shows that no matter how small you are, with some hard work, you can reach the unthinkable. That is the message that I received after watching The Great Debaters. “Who is the judge? God; why is he God? Because he decides who wins or loses not my opponent; Who is your opponent? He is the near descendant voice from the truth that I speak.” This was one of the most impressive quotes from the movie for a debater to follow, because it shows how the debaters of Willie College prepared themselves and gained confidence.

So many points in this movie are astonishing highlights. From the acting to the moral of the story, there has not been any other movie like this. I watched it three times in one week; I could not stop receiving that vibe from the movie. I guarantee that you will be watching it non-stop and feel those chills run down your spine. If you love amazing, true stories, I recommend this movie because you will not get enough of it.

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