Donnie Brasco

May 8, 2010
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What is Donnie Brasco I thought one night? I flicked the show on and saw that Johnny Depp was in it. As the movie progressed, my interest in it grew. Since the movie was almost over I rented it from a local blockbuster. Amazingly, all what happened in the movie is actually true.

Donnie Brasco is about an undercover FBI agent named Joe Pistone(played beautifully by Johnny Depp). Pistone alas Donnie Brasco befriends a man from the mafia named Lefty( played by the great Al Pacino.

Little by little Pistone gains Lefty's trust. Pistone, undercover as Brasco, begins to rely information to the FBI but his loyalty is tested with his new mafia friends and the FBI. Not only dealing with that, he is also dealing with his family issues. But in the end, he solds his mafia friends out....

Johnny Depp and Al Pacino truely made a great pair in this movie. Pacino's elegance matches Depp's wits and thats why Donnie Brasco was a great movie. Capice?

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