Alice in Wonderland

April 24, 2010
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Burton+Depp=one hell of a movie!

Alice in Wonderland is another remake from the classic story by Lewis Carrol. But as in most Depp and Burton films, this remake is gift to all Depp and Burton fans. Instead of remaking the movie exactly like the book, Burton switches the story line with Alice returning to Wonderland with no recollection that she was there before.

Of all the characters I enjoyed in this movie, I really enjoyed Depp's Mad Hatter. Depp always chooses roles that he fits in so perfectly from Edward Scissorhands to Jack Sparrow. Depps Mad Hatter and Wasikowska's Alice, are so like brother and sister. Alice is protective and caring of the Hatter and the Hatter is the same with Alice.

The storyline is this; Wonderland or Underland has been taken over by the Red Queen(played by Helna Botham Carter). The charactersfrom the Chesire Cat to that big bug want Alice to kill the Jabbawaky( Christoper Lee.
In order to this Alice has to travel the the White Queen( Anna Hathaway) and get a sword that would enable her to kill the Jabbawalky.

The graphics are awesome, the actors are great. Overall, I say that Alice in Wonderland is as Wonderful as it's name.

I recommend this for 5 year olds and above.

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