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New Moon

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New Moon was finally released on November 20, 2009. The Twilight Saga fans all rushed to the nearest movie theatre from which it is playing just to watch the action/romance filled movie. Though the lines went on forever and ever, some people bought tickets online, and others showed up there extra early, or late I should say, just to watch the midnight viewing of the movie.

BEWARE: If you have not read New Moon or watched the movie, there are major spoilers in this review.

New Moon is the continuation of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire love saga “Twilight’. The books centered around 17 year old Isabella “Bella” Swan (played by the very talented actress Kristen Stewart) and vampire Edward Cullen (played by the very handsome actor Robert Pattinson) and their love for each other and as well as the dangers that constrict around that love.

But that’s only emphasized in Twilight, and as for New Moon the themes quickly shift towards the wolf pack. Young Jacob Black (played by the very adorable Taylor Lautner) is pulled into a love triangle between himself, Bella, and Edward.

When Edward decides to leave Bella for safety measures, wanting to keep her out of the danger of vampires, Jacob steps in and becomes Bella’s best friend/ personal sun, mending her broken heart. And in the process he falls for her.

While Jessica Stanley and Bella Swan go out to the movies, she finds a group of men who remind her of a time when she was nearly attacked by a similar group of guys before ‘he’ (Edward) saves her. Recounting that memory Edward’s voice speaks to her, warning her to be careful and to keep the promise she made him. Only then did Bella realize that danger and adrenaline or some sort of formula, would make Edward’s voice be heard again.

Yearning to hear his voice again, Bella does crazy dangerous stunts like motor cycling. And through all those stunts, Jacob is always there to protect her.

But when Jacob makes the terrifying, tribal transformation to a wolf, Bella is left alone again for that short time. Though Bella didn’t know that that was what was really happening to her best friend, she had thought otherwise and believed that Sam Ule was the cause of Jake’s and her deteriorating friendship.

Infuriated, she confronts Jacob, only to find her personal sun imploded- Jacob was now a bitter, grim person that she can not recognize. He leaves her with a few riddles, saying that what happened to him is a secret that is not his to tell.

While all this is happening, Bella is also being stalked by James’ mate, Victoria (we met these vampires in Twilight when James had tried to kill Bella in one of his ‘tracking’ games).

Finally, after ‘guessing’ the riddles Jacob gave her, she then was able to figure out what was really wrong with him.

So now that Jacob’s wolf secret was all out in the open, you’d think that this is the happy ending Bella deserves, and that she’d happily settle for Jacob…Think again.

This is only half the story.

When Bella is left alone for a short time, Jacob is off running around as a werewolf trying to find Victoria, Bella’s ‘hole in her chest’ starts to burn again. So when lingering around the beach, near a cliff, she thought it would be a perfect time for her to cliff dive, not knowing that it was stormy and the waters were dangerous at the time.

Before death almost has her, she sees Edward again as if it were really him. Fortunately, Jacob saves her from drowning.

Alice soon comes back for in her ‘vision’ she saw Bella jump off the cliff, thinking she was suicidal, and she never saw Bella resurface since Bella was with Jake at the time, and Alice can’t see the future if a wolf is around.

And Edward thought the same when Rosalie told him that Bella was dead, and that’s where the story takes off into full action, with Bella going to ‘try’ to save Edward before he goes to the Volturi to have them kill him.

And the rest is for you to watch.

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