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My Sister's Keeper

This film is touching, true, and explains a truth that we sometimes try to avoid, death is unavoidable. Anna was genetically created to save her sister Kate who suffers from leukemia. Kate who suffers from cancer gives a great example of how it feels to live everyday , sometimes in pain, sometimes with a smile, but always with the question of when would be her last day of life. Your afraid of death, of whats beyond the darkness, the unknown, but at the same moment you can't tolerate that pain, not only seeing yourself die but evryone around you.
A mother who would never stop to keep her little girl alive, trys to go against nature but soon will have to let go, will have to let her little girl sleep in peace.This film shows how cancer patients all around the world are torn, not only physically as loosing their hair, vommiting, getting pale but also emotionally with themselves and their family, When your at a thin line of life and death you and eryone around you is torn into pieces, but there's always hope and you know it, how could you have survived so long, it was your family's support and all those other people who are there giving you there blessings and trying to give you a longer life time.
You might see this movie and cry your heart out, I almost did. But this movie also made me realize something, once its time there's nothing to do, and we have to let go.This film will teach you that their life is nothing compared to us, we are healthy and appreciate nothing and those babies, kids,and teenagers appreciate every moment they have even though it could be there last.

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lilyroo said...
Dec. 13, 2009 at 1:37 am
I agree with this person, the movie is touching, and shows you a grand lesson about life.
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