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Dark Phoenix

August 7, 2019
By EricaDestler BRONZE, El Cajon, California
EricaDestler BRONZE, El Cajon, California
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Superhero movies are an awesome genre of movies. There’s a lot of action, people with awesome superpowers, and cool looking special effects; but there’s so much more to a good superhero story. The X-men series is a great superhero series for so many reasons; there’s interesting characters on both sides of the conflict, awesome superpowers, and a story about outsiders becoming heroes.

Part of what makes the X-men series unique is that while most comic book superheroes are loved and thanked for saving the world, the X-men are shunned by society and considered dangerous because they are mutants who were born with their powers. Facing this prejudice makes many mutants, including Magneto, angry with humanity. Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants aim to destroy humanity and make Earth a safe place for mutantkind. The X-men fight to stop the brotherhood from destroying humanity.

Dark Phoenix, the latest installment in the franchise, is the seventh installment of the X-men series. In Dark Phoenix, the team faces off against an alien invasion while trying to protect their teammate Jean Grey, who merges with an alien parasite called the Phoenix Force during a mission in outer space.

Dark Phoenix was a good superhero movie, but an okay X-men movie. All of the best X-men stories are about the divide between the mutant community and how both teams take different approaches in their battle for equality. Dark Phoenix lost some of the essence of the series by focusing the conflict away from mutantkind and showing the team battling aliens instead. It felt like it could have been a movie about any superhero team, which felt like a change from a series that always stood out.

Even though the movie felt more like a story for the Avengers or another team of heroes, one good thing about the movie is that most of the characters still have a chance to shine. The X-men are an incredible team of superheroes, and they are also a family and their dynamic as a team is an important part of the series. However, some characters stand out more than others. Quicksilver is an awesome character, and he had some great moments in Dark Phoenix. Beast is often underused as a character, so I was glad he finally had a chance to help the team in battle. Also, Magneto was as awesome as he is in the rest of the series.

Magneto is my favorite character in the series because he is such an interesting anti-hero. Despite the fact that he is the villain of the series, his motives almost justify his actions. He has been both a hero and a villain, depending on what he feels is the best way to achieve his goal of equality for the mutant community. He sees himself as a hero and does what he sees as the right thing.

While there were some good points and weak points, Dark Phoenix was overall an okay movie; not on the level of the rest of the saga, but still fun to watch. I would give the movie 4 out of 5 stars.

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