The Family Buisness by Carl Weber

January 26, 2018
By KHavili BRONZE, Sacramento, California
KHavili BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Favorite Quote:
Like the branches of a tree, our lives may go in different direction our roots remain as one.

“They’re not monsters. They’re my family. And nobody messes with my family-or our family business’’. This book will keep you reading until it finishes, like smoker and a cigarette.


The Family Business is the greatest book. It is action packed and it has a bunch of unexpected twists and turns, a bunch of problems, and even more problem starters. The Family Business is about a family that sells cars, drugs and kills anybody who gets in their way of their business making money. One little problem ends up getting taken care of incorrectly, gives birth to more bigger problems. This causes there to be a war out on the streets between the west and the east side businesses. Anybody wanting a good book to read this is definitely the book to read. Every part of the book is great keeping you reading until the end which is the worst part because the engaging book with all the drama and all the action is finished and you have nothing else to read.

There a 7 characters from where you read from their point of view.

The first character is Lavernius Duncan, also referred  as LC, who is the the founder and current CEO of Duncan Motors and is one of the most respected and one  of the most feared people. Junior, the second eldest son, is basically the family business General, he is in charge of security and always solves problems that come up. Junior leads the private security. London, the eldest daughter, is the person who can basically help with almost anything. Paris, the youngest daughter, is the company troubleshooter, meaning that she shoots anybody who gives her or them trouble. She is a trained professional, she attended a very special school in Europe and became the best killer ever. Rio, the youngest son, is Paris’s twin, and he is bisexual, which is one of the reason they get along so well. He runs some clubs and he is kind of the distributor and the information collector. Orlando is the third eldest son and the future CEO of Duncan Motors. He has a lot to learn for when he does take over the family business. Harris is LC’s first Son-in-law, and he is the business lawyer, and he takes care of the legal side of the business. All together their decisions shape the story creating problems, then create a solution, only to create even more problems.


You don’t have to look for other books to read cause if you are reading this you already know the book to go pick up and read, but when you finish the book don’t blame me for the ending leaving you alone with your desire for the book.

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