Code of Honor by Alan Gratz

March 7, 2017
By , newburgh, WV

Kamran smith is the most popular kid in school and never got bullied Intel everything went wrong when his brother Darius blamed for being a terrorist.

Kamran Smith, whose mother immigrated from Iran in the late 1970s and whose father is from the US, is a football player who is planning on going to West Point and follow in his brother Darius' footsteps. The two have always been close, and invented lots of games based on mash-ups of Persian mythology and modern fantasy stories like Harry Potter and Star Wars. When Darius shows up in news videos reading statements supporting Muslim terrorist activities against the US, the family is shocked.

My own personal opinion on this book is probably the best one I have ever read so far. The story is very interesting cause of the story in the book.

I would defiantly recommend this book its very good book. Its build and build suspends, very good book.

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