The Darkest Evening Book Review

January 25, 2017
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There’s gonna be a moment of someone reviewing their favorite book,seemingly adoring the book as if they’re perfect. However there’s a rare case of someone review a book that’s considered mediocre which it’s fine to express their opinion about the book that they’ve experienced reading and that’s the book The Darkest Evening. The book was written by William Durbin which he maybe notable for writing the literature of The Broken Blade or Blackwater Ben. The Darkest Evening was published on 2004 making the book over 10 years-old yet the book didn’t receive many reputation as for the other books that he has written.

The Darkest Evening is under genre of suspense/fiction since although the book takes place in the 1930’s during the the Soviet Union era. The story goes that a Finnish family are invited to a supper though it involves a small propaganda of moving to Russia leave behind their old lives and create a new one in Russia. The father was offered to move to Russia to do a certain type of job and he accepted. However the protagonist(Jake a 10-year old finnish boy) doesn’t want to leave behind his life in Minnesota though it’s a requirement to move by the family. Just before they partake their journey to Russia,one of Jake’s uncle(Urho) wanted to to talk with his brother(Jake’s father)to talk about a rumor spawning around that soviet union part known as the “Red Broom” were taking away Finnish mens to work for them to fight the Russian government. Just as they stayed in Petrovodzk,Russia for a while,one morning the family heard the knock on the their door. The father opened the door to see who was knocking yet it was the “Red Broom” party wanting to take away the father for their rebellion to work with them(which he has no choice but to join them The worst part is that the father may not return to the family thus making the whole family are going to a trek to go back to their countries while overcoming the obstacles ahead.

The plot development of the story seems straightforward at first but as I was reading the book,the plot seems little off. For one the character development seems mediocre only introduced the protagonist(Jake) and the father which it was well represented but the rest of the characters seems like a background character. Other thing to point out is that book cover seems interesting since it shows a bright red cover,black bold letters making the book pop-out with a hint of anger in the book which it totally caught my attention. However although the book itself seems to show off but the plot development wasn’t outstanding even the back of the book described the book perfectly yet the plot has failed me as a reader.

Though it has an interesting concept of the book with a historical event occurring with fictional characters in a dark setting, it has a mediocre plot to even to pay attention to which I was one of the victim. With this book review,I wouldn’t recommend this book for person who loves historical event which I’m one of those people since it lacks of plot and character.The only outstanding about this books is just the type of setting in being placed. 

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