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The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is an excellent novel to be read by young and old. The House On Mango Street is a collection of vignettes centering on a young Latino girl growing up in Chicago. This girl's name is Esperanza and she is still learning who she really is and is yet to become.


In the first 4 vignettes, Esperanza describes her family, herself, and her not exactly ideal house on Mango Street. "It's small and red with tight steps in front and windows so small you'd think they were holding their breath." I thought that Esperanze was exaggerating a boit too much. When I began to read further I began to empathize Esperanza's sorrow as she continues, "Bricks are crumbling in places, and the front door is so swollen you have to push hard to get in. There is no front yard, only four little elms the city planted by the curb. Out back is a small garage for the car we don't own yet and a small yard that looks smaller between the two buildings on either side. There are stairs in our house, but they're ordinary hallway stairs, and the house has only one washroom. Everybody has to share a bedroom—Mama and Papa, Carlos and Kiki, me and Nenny". Imagine having a house with windows holding their breaths and having to drive the door out of its swollen state.


Another vignette, that I enjoyed was "Chanclas". Esperanza and her family had an invitation to go to her cousin's Baptism Party. When Mama got home that afternoon, Esperanza recieved a new dress for the reception. The only thing she didn't get was new shoes."I forgot" mama said. Sure, that's what they all say when they just don't want to buy anymore stuff. Uncle Nacho was coming too, when everyone arrived at the reception, all Esperanza did was try to stay seated in the chair and hide her shoes under it. A boy, probably a year older than Esperanza, asked her to dance. "No" she said, all she could think of was if everybody talked about her old and ragedy shoes. Uncle nach was the only person who got her to dance because they practiced their very own. "i drag my feet across the linoleum floor straight center where Uncle wants to show off the new dance we learned. And Uncle spins me, and my skinny arms bend the way he taught me, and my mother watches, my little cousins watch, and the boy who is my cousin by first communion watches, and everyone says, wow, who are those who dance like in the movies, until I forget that I am wearing only ordinary shoes." Of course, all you have to do is let go.


The last part I think that I liked was "Mango Says Goodbye Sometimes". Esperanza doesn't run away, instead she accepts her lifestyle and decides "one day, I will go away". I know not having your own place may seem like a burden but it's not all that it seems. Esperanza was mature enough to admit that she can wait for her grownup years.


I strongly urge you to read this novel by Sandra Cisneros. Once you start reading will depend on its lessons and morals. I know endeing the book will be troublesome but, "one day, you will have to say goodbye to Mango". 

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mangoreview said...
Feb. 13 at 2:28 am
The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is an okay book. My personal opinion on the book is that it skips from one point to another and I don't like that. I rather read a book that is just a continuous story from beginning to end. So teens like me I don't advise them to read it. This book revolves around the main character, Esperanza. She is some what of a troubled teen. Her family consists of mama, papa, her younger sister Nenny, and her two younger brothers Carlos and Kiki. The family has... (more »)
ofyreview said...
Feb. 7 at 5:14 pm
The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is an amazing book! I advise all teens should read it ages 13+. This story about Esperanza. She is a teen girl that has lived in many bad places. She soon moves with her family into a house on Mango Street. Mango street isn’t a luxury but it’s a step up for her family. The house is an improvement from the family’s previous apartment and bad neighborhoods. However, the house is not what Esperanza has dreamed of, because it is small and they are s... (more »)
Duwang said...
Feb. 2 at 5:01 pm
The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is a story about a young girl who has just moved into a house on Mango street and it follows a year of her life living there as she greatly matures.The story is well structured and talks about racial struggles.
PDiorio said...
Jan. 26 at 1:02 pm
I think this book is well written and that people should give it a read! It is emotional and describes the main characters thoughts well.It is a popular book but not very common in schools. I do think people should give it a try!
AdrianPuga said...
Jan. 24 at 1:47 pm
I think that this book was very well written.
greensprinkles said...
Jan. 19 at 2:48 pm
The house on mango street is a popular book in the common and uncommon schools written by sandra cisneros and it, honestly gets old for the students and for the teachers. if anything it should be a book that would be read by choice not by common core. the characters that I hate most are the children playing on the street, they arn't that needed in the story and they were needed for a setting then they didn't do a good job of it. The main character (who I forgot the name of) is a dramatic child ... (more »)
greensprinkles said...
Jan. 19 at 2:21 pm
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reeseorosco said...
Dec. 1, 2016 at 12:34 pm
This book is called The House on Mango Street and is written by Sandra Cisneros. This book is written in vignettes which I think makes the story more interesting. Each vignette, describes Esperanza surroundings and neighbors as she lives in poverty. Unlike her neighbor's, Esperanza tries to be positive about her situation. Esperanza often looks up to the women in her neighborhood as role models, but they are not a good example. At the beginning of the book, Esperanza describes her dream ho... (more »)
jackiegaldamez said...
Nov. 7, 2016 at 12:46 pm
This book is called The House On Mango Street the author of the book is Sandra Cisneros.I think the house on mango street is a good book and i encourage people to read it, because it gives a strong story plot and it will leave you wanting more. The main character of the book is Esperanza. Through out the book it talks about Esperanza surroundings around her and her neighboorhood. In the story it show fazes of life that Esperanza goes through. One of Esperanzas main goal is for she can get the dr... (more »)
kflores10 said...
Nov. 3, 2016 at 4:33 pm
The house on mango street was a very informational from the point of view of a girl named Esperanza. I encourage people to read this book because of the content and the story line. It shows how she tries to make the best of her situation and she meets a lot of new people and makes a lot of new friends. Along the way she learns a lot about life
RebecaGodoy said...
Nov. 3, 2016 at 2:30 pm
The book is called "The House On Mango Street" the author is Sandra Cisneros. The book is about a young Mexican-American girl named Esperanza and how she grew up in a not so fancy area in Chicago but mainly about how she grew up with. I honestly loved the book because i could relate to it a lot. Every new chapter with a different character reminded me of someone from my family or someone i knew. The one thing i didn't like is the way she set up the book and the way the chapters are only a couple... (more »)
jackiegaldamez said...
Nov. 3, 2016 at 2:08 pm
The book is called The House On Mango Street the author of this book is Sandra Cisneros.I think the house on mango street is a good book and i encourage people to read it, because it gives alot of details and it has a intersing theme. The characters are Esperanza shes the main character. The book is about Esperanza growing up and wanting a dream house she always dreamed of.The house that would make her happy. In the story it shows different parts of storys going on in the neighboorhood she lives... (more »)
JackieGaldamez said...
Oct. 17, 2016 at 6:46 pm
The House On Mango Street is a great book. The author is Sandra Cisneros. I think people should read this because it's very intersing.The main character name is Esperanza the story is about her going through parts of her life and sharing her storys and about how she wishes she can move into her dream house she always dreamed of. Also about one of her neighbors Sally, the poor girl that is always locked up in her room because her husband locked her there but she throws down money for the kids can... (more »)
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