Mother Warriors

February 10, 2009
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Jenny McCarthy's second book, Mother Warriors, describes how families who have children with Autism are determined to cure their children while medical facilities try to take away their hope by telling them there is no cure. McCarthy describes the obstacles she went through with her son, Evan, to cure him and the stories of other mothers who never gave up on their children while doctors did. McCarthy also attacks the use of vaccines as being the cause of her child's autism and the stories of other families with Autistic children support her reasoning. Every page of this book drips with different emotions. Emotions of shock when figuring out that their child has autism, sadness and disbelief that the only thing doctors can say is that there is no cure, motivation to help their child become healthy again, and happiness for the improvement of their children's conditions. McCarthy's journey with her son led her to success but know she is determined to become the voice of all the other mothers out there that are coping with Autism and the doctors who can only send them home without answers.
Jenny McCarthy has the strength of describing her emotions while dealing with her son's condition. She emphasizes how medical professionals disregard the thoughts of parents about the causes that changed the course of their children's lives. It is not fair that parents have to remain silent while watching the minds of their children deteriorate. McCarthy remains active throughout the book to spread the word about how there is a cure for Autism and that parents should not give up. She also describes the effects it has on families and how a child with Autism can easily make a sibling feel left out or leave a mother without support from her spouse because they have become hopeless.
A weakness of the book is that it can be repetitive in some of the points McCarthy makes by restating her feelings about her son and how she feels about medical professionals. There are also a lot of stories of other people that it distracts the reader from McCarthy's writing. The stories of other 'Mother Warriors' add a variety of good and bad endings. Mother Warriors describes exactly what a mother warrior does to save their children's lives.
McCarthy successfully describes how the professionals in the medical field keep Autism on the bottom of their priority list even though the vaccines they give them may be the cause. She explained how difficult it was to get a doctor to sit in a DAN (Defeat Autism Now!) conference because there's not much they can do except push the subject off their tables. Even though the doctors say that there is no cure for Autism, many families attempted using diets and vitamin supplements to improve the conditions of their children and many families have seen significant improvement in their children's behavior and attitude.
Mother Warriors is successful in informing society and families with autistic children about how the disease affects families and how there is a possibility it can be beaten. This book provides hope to grief-stricken families and shows the motivation of McCarthy to help them. A celebrity releasing a book about her journey with defeating Autism can contribute in spreading the word.

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