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Seven Minutes in Heaven by Sara Shepard

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ike every other girl on this planet I dreamed of having a twin. Someone who looked just like me and shared the birthday. Someone I could talk to late at night and share everything with. This is exactly what Emma Paxton found out. Except that her twin Sutton Mercer was murdered the day Emma arrived in Tucson. The killer forced Emma to become Sutton and live her life.

Seven Minutes is the sixth and final book in the lying games series. (Please stop reading if you haven’t read the first five books!) This book takes place after three months of Emma being Sutton and the day after Nisha’s death. Emma knows her time is running up and the killer is just out a reach. Crossing out Sutton’s best friends and family all answers points in one direction. Yes the anger boyfriend. But could he really be a killer?
This book is written in classic Sara Shepard fashion. Each books points and give evident at one person making them seem like the killer and then Dun-Duh it was all a misunderstanding and that person is off the hook! In the first book it was the littler sister Laurel, in the second the Twitter Twins seizing revenge, the forth was the dad Mr. Mercer and so on. I don’t know about you but I hate that. And then there is the random killing. Was Nisha’s death really that important. No it wasn't. It was just something to add for effect. She spends the whole fifth book making Emma and Nisha to become friends. This making you feel attacked to Nisha and starting caring for her. The BAM Nisha is dead. This leaving more clues for the killer and making it harder to live for Mr. Banderjee. For me it was just plain lazy writing.
I know I’m dissing this book a lot but in the end I loved it. The story arc the random twist and turns. The romance, friends, travels and the hardships. This is one of my favorite series. That’s why when I finished I cried. I’ll miss Sutton and Emma. In the end the killer got caught and I believe she made it the right person. Emma found out a few things about herself, and Sutton got to see herself in a different point of view. In the end everyone ended up in a better place, except you know the killer. I leave you with this quote which I think matches this book perfectly.
"Sometimes the person you take a bullet for is behind the trigger"

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