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Angel of the Dark by Sidney Shelden

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Just when we thought that the Sidney Sheldon legacy was over, Tilly Bagshawe takes it upon herself to continue it and she succeeds to an extent. But predictably she lacks Sidney Sheldon’s knack and skill to weave a mysterious plot that tempts us to read on and on.
Angel of the Dark revolves around three identically executed murders of old men with young wives. The killer(s), code-named Azrael or Angel of Death, has managed to evade the local polices and seemingly disappear into thin air. Suggesting a sexual motive is the fact that the young wives have been raped and tortured. To further the mystery the widows too seem to disappear without a trace, with no past or future. This is the first of the many clues that point out the killer to the avid crime-thriller reader. Danny McGuire, the Interpol who was previously related to the first of the three killings, and Matt Daley, the first victim’s son obsessed with these murders, take the initiative to solve these crimes and catch the Azrael killer red-handed. But even they seem to overlook the obvious clues which stare us right at the face. When at last Danny resolves the mystery and draws the intricate plan to catch them red-handed at a crime-scene, David Ishag - Azrael’s next targeted victim - is also thrown into the plot. The only twists in the story are when Matt Daley comes to the killer’s (or accomplice’s) rescue and, of course, the revelation in the Epilogue which was admittedly an unexpected shock.
Though a good read with efficient touches of mystery and romance, it delivers limited twists and shocks. Angel of the Dark has a strong plot concept but it surely is no comparison to Sidney Sheldon originals.

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