Anthem by Ayn Rand

August 6, 2013
In chapter three of Ayn Rand’s novelette, Anthem, Prometheus writes:
“The secrets of the earth are not for all men to see, but only for those who will seek them.”
The metaphor that Prometheus speaks of is meant to reveal that the earth’s boundaries are limitless, but it takes a curious person to wander them. For example, people study more about what they’re interested in, in college, to receive the knowledge that they always wanted. But for them to find what they were interested in, they had to be curious, and explore, for them to realize that this is what made them happy. Even if the person was not happy with some of the results he/she got from exploring, they were willing to look more to achieve that goal. For Instance, not everybody will end up liking the same thing, but those who do will find something in common.

If Prometheus thinks like this, he wants to go against society. By not showing his glass box, he makes a statement to the Council of Scholars that scared to be himself, for he is scared of being judged and disliked by his own kind. Equality says, “Now let us be lashed for it.” What he’s referring to is that he went against society trying to be his own person and for that he’s getting lashed and punished for it. But then, who does know what the future holds for us? Being an individual means being free to love and care for others as well as yourself.

Prometheus, doing what he wanted, shows that he cares for his individuality. He was happy working on the glass box which shows feeling that his society did not allow. He worked in the tunnel by himself which his society considered work of evil, and that he
should never be by himself. In this society they never got privacy. He, then, fell in love
with the Golden One (the girl he met), who followed him into the uncharted forest. As they travel for many days they discover love and how they have been deprived of it. As days go by, they come upon an abandoned house from the unspeakable times. Prometheus and the Golden One decide to live in this house and make their own society. Prometheus has developed a plan that when he builds walls for his society he will go and get all his friends from his past society. He then discovers the word “I” for an individual and learns many things from the books, maps, and manuscripts left from the past. He, also, learns what it is to be an individual.
   Prometheus, going against everything his society taught him and thinks, he loved and cared for his body, wanted to be a Scholar, and wanted, and was, by himself which his society forbid. Prometheus took advantage to be an individual and wasn’t afraid. He tried to show the Scholars his glass box, but wasn’t accepted because of his differences.

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