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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire

Scholastic Press, 2009 391 pp., $16.99

Suzanne Collins

ISBN 9781594135859
Catching Fire takes futuristic fiction to a new level. The author, Suzanne Collins, uses persuasive words to keep the reader hanging on for more. The book opened up my imagination and let me become the creator of the story and create the characters in my mind. The descriptive settings such as the arena, detailed characters like the tributes, and a staggering plot add to the beauty of the story.

Katniss Everdeen has just returned home from the conclusion of the annual Hunger Games. She and her teammate, Peeta Mellark, expect to return to their normal lives again. After months of Katniss revisiting the remnants of her tiny home, the time comes to select the new tributes for the next games.
The games this year are twice as special. It’s the Quarter Quell. This only happens every twenty-five years, and it’s always something different. The rule for this years’ Games are: Each tribute, girl and boy, must be selected from the pool of Victors from each district. This wouldn’t be a problem if Katniss lived in, say, District 1. District 12 has three total victors. Two men, Peeta and Haymitch, and one woman, Katniss Everdeen. As Katniss is obviously selected, Peeta volunteers himself to protect Katniss. What will happen when they come to terms with the arena? Will alliances form? Enemies?

This book was my favorite in the series because of the creativity in developing the arena. The emotion between characters is incredible. The ending of the book is my favorite ending of all books I’ve read. The book leaves you wanting more; it gives the perfect cliffhanger. The ending is such a surprise it’s not imaginable. The book would not be as good if the ending turned out differently.
This book can inspire anyone to be courageous in everything they do. I love the book because Collins leaves the thinking to you. While you read, you create the story. You set the stage. And you determine the outcome with your imagination.

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