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Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen

Courage is best portrayed through an inspiring hero; Greg Mortenson is truly a hero. Three Cups of Tea is a stimulating book that gives you the feeling that you can make a change. The main character, Greg Mortenson, is a man who felt the urge to help kids who couldn’t afford a quality education. His mission was to build schools in Afghanistan to help innocent children become smart and knowledgeable.
The story describes the journeys Mortenson encounters; he is kidnapped by terrorists, climbs mountains, and learns about the Afghan culture. He may not like the traditions at first, but he learns to love them.
I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Because the book is written from a narrative view and the author’s personal interview, I would find it almost impossible if it did not appeal to the reader. This book is an easy-read for young adults.
Three Cups of Tea triggers emotions of joy, guilt, and passion. I really felt these emotions when I realized that people will do anything to have the things we take for granted. Mortenson’s trip changed his life in the best way possible; it filled his heart with the thought of knowing the good deed he had accomplished. Greg Mortenson is a daring hero, and this book is worth the journey.

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