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Argeneau/Rogue Hunter Series by Lynsay Sands

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Staring at the dusty midnight blue cover, I hesitated. I already did this a hundred of times for weeks so why do it again. I stared at the cover photo once more - a man was nuzzling a woman's neck that had a bat tattoo on her right breast. I read the title, “Bite Me If You Can” even if I knew it already. Vampires and romance – Am I really going to read this?

Back in the day, this kind of genre is not what you usually see in my shelf. Books like Max Haines’ Instruments of Murder, John Saul’s Punish the Sinners, R.L Steins’ Goosebumps series squeeze through the empty spaces I had. I was a weird kid, romance simply didn’t appealed to me then.

But I was getting bored by the day and getting restless without reading a new book. And so I gave up to my stubbornness but not completely. I skipped and read a few pages at the end, my usual style when I hated a book or if I just wanted the book to end immediately. However I soon find myself going back to the first chapter and reading it slowly. And very soon I was hooked on the series and started collecting them with my already-fan sister.

I was shocked at myself, what was inside Lynsay Sands series that made succumb to her books. Did her vampires control me? Was I that bored to think it was that good? Exaggerations aside, it was simply different.

Sands’ sixteen novels of witty, funny, sexy and hot vampire romance stories of the Argeneau (Ar-zsa-no) clan and Rogue Hunters finding for their “The One” surely delighted fans of Sands and possibly soon to be ones because on her different outlook on vampires.
With vampires preferring to be called immortals and their vampirism being all scientific, the story was a breath of fresh air. Sands didn't go with the traditional “I want…to suck…your blood" vampires but a whole different angle.

Vampires Immortals, as the clever Sands has conceptualized it, are originally from Atlantis - a highly developed nation thousands of years ago that unknowingly developed the fountain of youth. These are nanobots, miniscule robots injected to the blood stream that constantly maintain its host to its peak condition. But sadly it was only the Atlanteans who were given this “cure” as the nation disappeared into the waters due to catastrophic natural calamities.

And so the only survivors were the Immortals. They breathe. They eat regular food. They sleep on beds. They have laws. They don’t burst into flames at the sight of a cross or garlic. They are like human beings except for perks that comes with the immortal package (turning into bats not included)

I commend and give Lynsay Sands a round of applause for her excellent and original idea. With her unique [and hot] stories of vampires, she has managed to add a faithful reader and fan to her long list.

Cheers Lynsay, until your next book!

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