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Digital Fortress by Dan Brown This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

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When national security and societal privacy are at odds, who do you side with?
A thriller right from the beginning, Digital Fortress provides the readers with a fast-paced, intricately designed story that one is immediately absorbed in. The book begins when readers are introduced to brilliant and beautiful cryptographer, Susan Fletcher’s romance with David Becker, but the fleeting romance is interrupted by a sudden request.
When David Becker, language professor, has to cancel his vacation planned with his fiancée, Susan Fletcher, to go to Seville on an urgent project, he reluctantly agrees. Stathmore, Susan’s boss, requests him to go to Seville in order to track down Ensie Tankado, a man who threatens national security.
Ensie Tankado is the man who wrote the Digital Fortress, an unbreakable code, and he threatens to sell it to the public. Strathmore takes sudden action; he believes that the ring that Tankado wears holds the code to break the digital fortress. Amid this reaction, Strathmore bypasses Gauntlet, the machine that informs the cryptographers when a virus is implicated within the code.
With a complicated and deceptive plot laid out, this book is intriguing in every manner of speaking. With chicanery, and humour, Dan Brown shows a substantial amount of subplots that are all a part of the process that unravel the simple, surprising, and positively brilliant ending.
A highly recommended book, by a world-renowned author, Dan Brown continues to shine just as brightly as he did with the publishing of the best-selling Da Vinci Code.

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